June 23, 2024


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William Shatner joins Haven

William Shatner joins Haven

William Shatner joins Haven

William Shatner joins Haven

I used to put up the odd review of Haven every now and then. It mostly depended on whether an episode was any good. Quite frankly the last really good episode was the finale of season 3. Afterwards, too many mysteries were solved to my disappointment and too many secondary characters were killed off. Now during its fifth season the show has been hurting due to negative fan backlash. The ratings have also steadily dropped. That may change with the inclusion of Star Trek alumni William Shatner himself.

Ascension syfy poster - Be part of Mankind's last hope. William Shatner joins Haven

Syfy moving forwards, or is it backwards….

According to SciFiStorm.org “William Shatner (Star Trek) is set to guest star in a four-episode arc on the Syfy fan-favorite series in 2015. Shatner will play a pivotal character that has the potential to forever impact the fate of the town of Haven and its troubled residents.” That at least sounds promising. Whether anyone will continue to watch Haven after the 4 episodes are over will depend more on substantial change to the series premise. Syfy is on a roll when it comes to change with new series such as Defiance, Helix and the upcoming miniseries Ascension . Those are a  step in the right direction. It seems nonetheless that the old Syfy Channel problem of creative fatigue has definitely set in with Haven.

Luvia Petersen on set of Continuum William Shatner joins Haven

No news on Continuum so far…

As you may know season 5 of Haven has been split up into two sections. This is common when Syfy Channel wants to squeeze a show that has seen better days (Warehouse 13 and Eureka anyone?). On December 5th the mid-season finale will air. The second part of the season will be back on TV sometime in 2015. Which narrows down the timeline to not tune to Syfy to a year. It will last 13 episodes just like the first half. If Syfy can also give us an update on what is happening to Continuum . The there would at least be something to bitch about that is worthy of being put on paper. In the meantime, series leading actresses such as Rachel Nichols and Luvia Petersen have changed gigs and joined other projects. Rachel can now be seen as a regular on Rush while Luvia joined sci-fi drama The 100. According to Continuum show runner Simon Barry says a response from Syfy can be expected any time soon. If Longmire can be saved so should Continuum!

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This was William Shatner joins Haven. If you have any comments on Haven, Continuum or even Longmire please post them below.