Haven season 3 finale ‘Thanks for the Memories’ Review!

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2 Responses

  1. debz says:

    like your review. This episode made me feel like i’d read the first few chapters of a good book and then got a look at the last chapter and i’m not sure i want to see the middle. Why they chose to cram so much into the final, i don’t know, the characters seemed to move like robots from one reaction to another, missed opportunity for character development. I don’t want to see the triangle any more either but with the whole ‘recharging with love’ theme i have a bad feeling this will not only continue but become more convoluted. There is a dearth of female characters and i hope Jordan returns. Female characters who do senseless things for love (Evi Crocker, Arla Cogan) are becoming too common in Haven. A little backstory on Claire would have made us think she wasnt there just to be killed off.

  2. tafkar says:

    You’re right. This show has a problem with female characters, as well as characters that aren’t white. Every single female character that’s not Audrey that joins the team ends up dead. Every non-white character that joins the team ends up dead. There’s so much stuff I love about this show, but the fact that they can’t seem to keep women or non-white characters around has me ready to give it up.