June 13, 2024


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Warehouse 13 ‘Personal Effects’ Preview!

The next episode of Warehouse 13 is entitled ‘Personal Effects’.

And from the trailer below we know Myka, Pete and Artie have to fetch no less than six artifacts. Sadly it would also appear that Jaime Murray won’t reprise her role as H.G. Wells in this episode. I am starting to think she might not be so ‘regular’ after all. The character of Leena (Genelle Williams) has a larger role during in the last episode which I thought was quite OK, perhaps the shows creators can attempt to broaden her character out a bit. So far she has been a poor man’s Astrid (played by Jasika Nicole on Fringe). As for the ratings, Warehouse 13 unfortunately took a dive with the second episode of the season and the numbers are already creeping towards the lows of the third season.

Here is the episode synopsis…

Pete and Myka require the need of the rest of the team when they have to track down the remaining artifacts from Sykes’ arsenal.

Enjoy the promo trailer…

And of course the promotional photos…