June 18, 2024


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Tron Uprising episode 7 ‘Price of Power’ Review!

Price of Power aired about a week ago and so here is the rather late mini-review of the latest Tron Uprising episode.

The episode starts with Beck trying to free a scientist named Shaw from captivity, Shaw was ordered by General Tesler to develop ‘The Weapon’, an upgrade in the form of a disk that will give the wearer increased strength and agility. After taking out the guards Beck is instead attacked by Shaw. Beck manages to defeat Shaw but fails to save him from a plunge into the engine of the ship. Tron, after examining the disk, berates Beck for not saving Shaw, he also stresses that Beck should use the laser at Able’s garage to destroy ‘The Weapon’. Paige, meanwhile, has been ordered to find the disk and so sets a trap for Beck. Beck’s only recourse is to put on the disk and gain the strength and agility needed to escape the ambush, this comes at the cost of self-control.

Once Beck reaches Able’s garage he picks a fight with two of Tesler’s thugs in order to help Zed, later he overhears that the new tank that Able has been developing is scheduled to be delivered to Tesler and Beck sneaks on board. After Beck fails to defeat Tesler he has to face the consequences of his actions as Able has been seriously wounded and the people at the garage are held hostage by Pavel. While Beck tries to destroy the disk it is captured by Pavel who uses ut to try to defeat Beck. Mara and Zed meanwhile manage to free themselves and save two of Tesler’s thugs as well. Beck in the end manages to defeat Pavel by taking his disk away which is then cut in half by the laser in the garage. Tesler later berates Pavel for the loss of ‘The Weapon’ but when Pavel examines the remains of the disk in his quarters it starts to repair itself. The episode ends with Pavel laughing loudly as he understands the power that he now has.


Price of Power is a terrific episode but it does suffer from two major flaws. The first is that the 22-minute format comes at the cost of an explanatory back story to the plot. Scenes are also cut hard and as such the plot feels a little underdeveloped. The graphics while good are also a bit monotonous, scenes primarily take place either in Able’s garage or on Tesler’s ship and as such the coloring is mostly either blue or red. More diversity would have helped. Overall the episode feels slightly rushed.

I Hope that the character of Paige will inevitably join Beck and Tron in their fight against Tesler and CLU, it does seems that all the overt flirtations between Paige and Beck are a foreshadowing of this. As for Pavel, Tesler’s second-in-command, he is slowly becoming a more complex villain and now that he has the ‘The Weapon’ and hasn’t told Tesler about it he seems to have stepped into the forefront more than before.

Tron Uprising will be back on August 2nd for the episode entitled ‘Scars, Part 1’.

Score; 8 / 10.

Here is a selection of screenshots from ‘Price of Power’.