July 21, 2024


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TRON 3 Cancelled by Disney, for now…

Tron 3 cancelled

TRON 3 Cancelled.

In a sudden news flash Disney Studios has announced it is not proceeding forward with director Joseph Kosinski’s movie TRON 3. The third movie in the franchise was supposed to act as a sequel to the 2010 movie TRON Legacy starring Garret Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges. The sad news comes after earlier reports that production had already started and filming was to commence in the fall. However, Disney Studios needs to keep an close eye on its finances after it invested billions to buy out George Lucas and fund production of Star Wars The Force Awakens. The final nail in the coffin can be attributed to the poor results of Tomorrowland by director Brad Bird. The movie cost a whopping 190 million but barely made a splash at the box office. It follows another Disney production, John Carter, from 2012 that almost flatlined the studio.

Tron 3 cancelled

It is difficult to say whether the decision by Disney comes as a surprise. Tron Legacy barely managed to make a profit. Fans of the franchise could be counted on to see it, as can any Olivia Wilde fans. But that hardly means the movie will be popular. I think the Tron franchise is simply not captivating enough, not like Star Wars anyway. I was surprised it was cancelled now, so soon before production. No doubt money had already been spent to start pre-production work and so Disney’s choice has been to reduce more potential losses as early as possible. So far no word has been released as to whether another movie studio will fund the production. Fans have even suggested crowd-funding, but I don’t think any of these are likely as Disney owns the rights to the TRON franchise. The most we can hope for is for Disney and Joseph Kosinski to work out a new deal. Rumors did exist that Disney wanted Jared Leto to co-star. Meanwhile you can enjoy irate fans on social networks venting their anger at Disney.

This was TRON 3 Cancelled by Disney, for now… I hope you are as angry as I am. Don’t forget to comment down below.

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