May 24, 2024

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TNG Season 1 box art + Sampler disk screencaps!

Little more than a week stands in the way of seeing what TNG looks like on Blu-ray disk, some early reviews have come out and are certainly positive. Now, to keep the ball rolling Paramount has released the box art for the first season which as of yet has no release date. The classic retro look of the box art is certainly to my taste. As bonus I have included three more screen caps from the sampler disk, one of each episode featured so you can get a better idea of the overall quality. To my surprise the quality of ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ is hardly any worse than the other two episodes.

Star Trek The Next Generation Blu-ray

And here are the screen caps…

Encounter at Farpoint - Blu-ray - Bridge crew on trial

Encounter at Farpoint - Blu-ray - Q

Inner Light - Blu-ray - Patric Stewart

Sins of the Father - Blu-ray - bridge crew

I must say the bright colors of this new remastered edition is something to get used to, for 25 years we have watched a blurred, low-res and washed out edition of The Next Generation and this changes everything. It certainly gives me pause and think about another Star Trek TV-show.