April 18, 2024


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Alcatraz ‘Kit Nelson’ Review!

This weeks episode of Alcatraz was a definite mixed bag, on the one hand the creepiness factor was very high but on the other hand the action was boring. Also there was a factor of déjà vu, like I had already seen the episode.

Kit Nelson

Some of the character development seemed forced and I have started to believe that Sam Neill’s character might actually be some sort of villain, he certainly behaves in a narcissistic way. The character of Rebecca Madsen might have stayed at home as she hardly had anything to do but tie herself up to a car, this episode could have ended after just ten minutes but through the incompetence of the police we have to sit through several more such incompetent moves. The scene between the warden and Kit Nelson was however pure genius and worth watching this episode.

Hauser and a body bag

The episode does raise one question, why do the criminals that come back from Alcatraz continue to behave in a criminal way. Why not just move on play by the rules, the suspense of disbelief in this show is fading a little.

Score; 7 / 10.

Viewer rating; Not available.