February 21, 2024


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The X-Files S10Ep6 My Struggle II Preview

The X-Files – New promo and poster show Scully and Mulder teaming up

The X-Files (miniseries) - I still want to believe

The X-Files – I Still Want To Believe!

On January 24th The X-files will be back with a new 6-episode season after 15 years. I believe (no pun intended) that most fans will have firmly pinned the date on their calendar. Yet it seems that even with all the promotions and articles it is hard to get really excited. We have all been burned before by remakes, reboots and re-visits. For me this new the X-files miniseries has always been something I would look into after December 18th. With a show that frankly went on too long it was hard to justify to myself the reason for watching it, except for silencing the inner fan.

The X-Files (miniseries) official poster - alien skull

Today Fox released yet another promo as well as a updated poster for The X-files revival series. Interestingly they label the show as a 6-series event. Is Fox being cautious? Courtesy of IGN.com.

Chris Carter seem bent on breathing new-life into the series. The promo shows plenty of monster-of-the-week type episodes that gave The X-Files its initial reputation. Of the six-episodes only 2 will deal mostly with the mythology surrounding the alien-invasion. Though I suspect elements will be intertwined into the other episodes as well.  Fox already released a promo a few days back, which is similar but show a bit more about the cases that Scully and Mulder will investigate.

From the promo above it appears that Scully (Gillian Anderson) has solicited the help from Mulder (David Duchovny) regarding a case she is investigating. Elements from this promo remind me of the episode Paper Hearts of season 4. It was in many ways one of the best of the series but also controversial. Paper Hearts along with the season finale Gethsemane was the low-point for Mulder. Investigating the disappearance of his sister and the wider alien conspiracy has taken a toll on his mental-health. These two promo’s have gotten me excited again in The X-Files. What do you think? Will it be another Haven or is Chris Carter going to pull a rabbit out of the hat?

The X-files will return for a two night event. On both January 24th and 25th an episode will. Afterwards episodes will be released on a weekly basis.

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