June 24, 2024


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Nicholas about to commit suicide. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead S6Ep3 Thank You review!

Nicholas about to commit suicide. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead returns with more blood-letting!

The Walking Dead has been back for it sixth season for two weeks already, time for a review. Rick’s group have stayed in the Alexandria Safe Zone, but friction between his group and its inhabitants are running high. Rick may mean well, but viewers are left wondering if his group is cursed. Everywhere they go the apparent safety is soon disturbed. This weeks episode, ‘Thank You’, runs parallel with that of last week, now showing events of Rick’s group as they try to lure away the horde. Glenn and Michonne will try lead people back to Alexandria dealing with their incompetence and suspicions on the way. With half the horde heading to Alexandria Rick will attempt to reach Daryl and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and see if the rest of the horde remains on track. This episode ends controversially, if you haven’t seen it yet I will say there is a SPOILER ALERT!

Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha Williams. The Walking Dead

Throughout the episode Glenn and Michonne (Danai Gurira) deal with the fact that the Alexandria people can’t survive as well they can. Especially Heath seems doubtful of Michonne’s intention to lead them to safety as he overhears Rick say that she should leave them behind if they are slow. Yet, the other Alexandria survivors develop a quiet demeanor when their predicament becomes clear. Glenn thinks out a plan to lure the horde to a fire so they can escape to Alexandria. Nicholas deals with survivors guilt over having left behind so many on various runs and volunteers to go with Glenn.

Michonne, Heath and Scott reach Safe Zone. The Walking Dead

The plan fails when the horde shows up early. Michonne, Scott and Heath are the only survivors. Finally, Glenn and Nicholas are cornered by a horde of walkers. While hiding on a dumpster Nicholas decides to commit suicide. This is I think a death that finally makes it clear the people in the Safe Zone are doomed. As Nicholas falls he drags Glenn down with him. The horde of Walkers seemingly devouring Glenn, though viewers have speculated that he is lying underneath Nicholas. If Glenn is dead, his death won’t have had the impact it did in the Comic series. If he survives, than I think the audience was cheated.

Rick uses Kalashnikov on Wolves. The Walking Dead

The episode ends with Rick finding his way to a motor home. After he attempts to coördinate matters with Daryl and Glenn (Steven Yeun) (who is not responding) he is attacked by Wolves (as in W on forehead). These are the same Wolves that Morgan let go. Rick manages to  kill them and even finds apple juice they stole from Alexandria. As Rick’s motor home becomes surrounded by walker the starter fails.

Glenn being devoured. Steven Yeun in The Walking Dead.

With all the bloodletting I am starting to wonder when The Walking Dead will end. I think some viewer fatigue is already setting in, which is to be expected after 5 seasons. The exact timeline compared with the comic books is difficult to gauge. Show producer David Alpert has stated they already know what season 10, 11 and 12 will be about. I won’t be reviewing the show by that time.

Score; 9 / 10. A good episode in  part because of the blood-letting!

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