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Dune Movie Preview – all there is to know!

Next year, November 20th 2020, director Denis Villeneuve will release the first of two Dune movies. Dune of course is the magnum opus of author Frank Herbert who released the novel in 1965. Fans of the novel and its sequels have always wanted a film adaptation that would do it justice – the 1984 David Lynch version being particularly epic for failing to do so. But now we have Denis Villeneuve creating what he says is a faithful adaptation. To properly adapt the source material the book is divided into two movies. Filming for the first has started in February...

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Navigators of Dune – See the cover of Brian Herbert and K.J. Anderson’s last Dune novel

The final Dune – Navigators of Dune Next year, May 2016, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson will release the third and last novel in their Great Schools of Dune trilogy. The last installment is as called Navigators of Dune, as rumored. After having read and reviewed the previous two novels, Sisterhood of Dune and Mentats of Dune I am looking forward to the concluding story. The novels set in the Dune universe written by Frank Herbert’s son Brian Herbert and his co-author Kevin J. Anderson have always been controversial among fans. Their first trilogy, Prelude to Dune with titles such as...

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Mentats of Dune Review + Free Giveaway!

Another year has passed so we can read yet another novel of the Dune Expanded Universe. This year the book is entitled Mentats of Dune. Though there are many mentats in the story the title is mostly used for decorative purposes in a way similar to all Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson Dune novels. Mentats is the second book in the Schools of Dune trilogy that focuses on the creation of the Empire after the Butlerian Jihad. Specifically it focusses on organizations such as the Bene Gesserit, The Mentat School and The Spacing Guild. As this is the second book in the trilogy it is blessed with not being obligated to lay down...

Second chapter of Sisterhood of Dune online!

As expected a second chapter of the upcoming Dune universe novel Sisterhood of Dune has been made available online as a preview of what is to come. The book itself is still scheduled for a January 3rd release. The second chapter seems to be more interesting as the first had lots of filler material for those readers not familiar with the Dune universe. I expect this to be the last preview before the release, so see you back in early January for the review here on SciFiempre.net Here is the download… Sisterhood of Dune Chapter 2 Source; http://kjablog.com

Sisterhood of Dune audio sample released!

On January 3rd the Us edition of Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson’s latest Dune book ‘Sisterhood of Dune’ will be released. The first chapter has already been released as a sampler and now Macmillan audio has released that first chapter as an audio version. The audio book has the same release date as the book. The voice from this audio book is all too familiar to those who have before listened to Dune audio books. Here is the file. Sisterhood-of-Dune-Web-Clip  

Sisterhood of Dune First Chapter Online!

As has become a tradition with the novels of Briand Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson… here is the first chapter of their new novel ‘Sisterhood of dune’ which is the first book of a new trilogie. This new book series is set some time after the conclusion of the Butlerian Jihad and features the rise of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood. Download link => Sisterhood-Chap-1. Also, the above picture is I believe the final version of the cover art. The release date for the novel has been confirmed as january 3rd next year for the US and late january for the UK. I won’t...

Sisterhood of Dune is to be released in february 2012. UPDATED

Sisterhood of Dune is to be released in february 2012. UPDATED

Yet again a novel is written by Kevin J Anderson & Brian Herbert that is set in the Dune Universe. Together they have written 10 novels for the dune universe and quite frankly sometimes it tires a little. Yet is has been a while since the last one and its not like other writers haven’t milked out franchises. Their new book is called ‘Sisterhood of Dune’ and is the first book of a trilogy called Schools of Dune. Though if the book is not a succes then its possible they will can the others. Personally I have mixed feelings about this...