Alien Covenant Review – Excellent gore but also too familiar

Alien Covenant Review Prometheus wasn’t as good as it could have been. Despite some reviewers saying they really enjoyed it (in the run up to Alien: Covenant) it cannot abscond its flaws. Prometheus had a fantastic Sci-Fi premise – life was injected into worlds by a species called The Engineers. Sadly the diabolically stupid characters dragged the movie […]

Alien Covenant release date set for August 4 2017

Alien Covenant release date set for August 4 2017. 20th Century Fox have announced a new release for the Ridley Scott movie Alien Covenant. Instead of October 6th 2017 the movie will now be released on August 4th 2017. That is a full 2 months ahead of schedule. Ridley Scott is not beyond releasing movies […]