June 13, 2024


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Helix - Single Strand - Man in the gas mask

Helix episode 4 ‘Single Strand’ Preview!

Helix - Single Strand - Man in the gas mask

Next Friday the fourth episode of Helix will air. Unfortunately this episode wasn’t available on the website of Syfy Channel early like episode 3, so it will be almost two weeks since episode 3 and I am already feeling the Helix withdrawal symptoms. Episode 4 is entitled ‘Single Strand’ and seem bent on progressing the storyline beyond the first stages of the pilot and the two successor episodes as Dr. Alan Farragut and his team explore what the deadly pathogen origins are. Whereas the earlier episodes could still avoid giving answers by enlarging the scope of story (introducing an infection outbreak) now the time has come to give answers or at least accept that no answers have been given by Dr. Hatake and his security man Aerov.

Below you can watch the trailer for ‘Single Strand’…

In many ways this stage of Helix’s storyline reminds me of Lost. That show certainly couldn’t explain what the smoke monster was and why no-one had come to rescue them in episode 4 because than the show would be over by episode 10 and the ratings would plummet by episode 20. instead the show introduced new story arcs, characters and situations while acknowledging the unanswered questions by letting the characters ask those questions repeatedly. I can only hope that Helix will take as much care as Lost. From the episode trailer and four-minute preview it certainly seems that the paranoia on the secret arctic base has increased. The infected staff are conspiring together to force Hatake’s hand by turning off the CO2 scrubber. This is an effective side-step that follows logically from the paranoia that can be expected while also NOT answering any of the questions about why they were working on the pathogen and why Balleseros.

Below you can watch the first 4 minutes of the episode ‘Single Strand’…

Helix - Single Strand - Julia (Kyra Zagorsky) notices man in gas mask

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