Agents of SHIELD mid-season finale Maveth review!

Agents of SHIELD mid-season finale Maveth review! The mid-season finale of Agents of SHIELD from yesterday evening took me by surprise. From the promo it wasn’t hard to guess what the episode was about. Except for the needless plot involving Andrew/Lash it was a hell of a lot better executed than I thought it would be. The […]

Agents of SHIELD S3Ep2 Purpose in the Machine Review

An article on went into detail about how the new season of Agents of SHIELD will transform the series for the better. Certainly after two episodes I agree it has managed an incredible turn around. So much so that I remain skeptical if Marvel is doing the right thing releasing even more shows on Netflix. […]

Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 Finale Review

Agents of SHIELD has managed to survive through its second season. Despite the ratings having leveled off they are at dangerously low levels. The second season of the show tried to improve on the perceived shortcomings of the first season, but has only managed partly. The goofiness of season 1 has been replaced by subtle humor, but […]

Agents of SHIELD S2Ep9 Ye Who Enter Here Review

This week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, “…Ye Who Enter Here”, is the prelude to mid-season finale set to air December 9th. While most other shows have already gone into their hiatus SHIELD goes on, and it is going strong. Gone are those murky episode from season 1 you just loved to hate. I read […]

Agents of SHIELD The Writing on the Wall Review

This weeks episode Agent Of SHIELD proves that the show can succeed if it dares to offer genuine character development through drama. As both Coulson and Ward are confronted by personal demons they show they are still the core two characters of SHIELD. For me ‘Writing on the Wall’ has been my favorite season episode so far and […]

Agents Of SHIELD S2Ep6 A Fractured House Review

Since the beginning of Agents of SHIELD’s second season the question of whether government organizations would hunt down SHIELD has been mentioned. Certainly General Talbot appeared keen to do so but if anything his attempts were only half-hearted, in fact he seems to have built up a rapport with Coulson over their mutual enemy HYDRA. In […]

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Trailer and Preview

Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Trailer and Preview Agents of SHIELD was one of last year’s most controversial new TV to air. It wasn’t controversial because of any graphic violence or nudity but because many fans felt let down by the hype. I was one of them. During the first few episodes I was easily […]

Lucy Lawless joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD

Lucy Lawless joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD Slowly the news is starting to trickle in about the second season of Agents of SHIELD. The show is scheduled to premiere on September 23, 2014. I think most people interested can be split into two groups. The first group want to see more of the Marvel Universe because they […]

Preview of Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Finale

Yesterday we finally got the news that ABC’s Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for a second season. Half way during its first season it was touch and go as the ratings kept dropping. They finally stabilized at 5.5 million viewers watching on TV with a total 9 million viewers including those using DVR. That is […]