April 18, 2024


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Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson Quake. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review.

Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review!

Chloe Bennet as Daisy Johnson Quake. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review.

Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review

This episode, Spacetime, puts our favorite Agents of SHIELD right in the thick of it. A restaurant owner calls the police in a blind panic after being touched by Charles Hinton, an Inhuman. This touch gives the owner a glimpse into his own future, and his death. Because the call to the police mentions Daisy and Hydra the owner is approached by SHIELD. However, the scene unfolds just as the man says it will be. Hydra swoops in, kills the restaurant owner and kidnaps Hinton. Just as Hinton is dragged in a cage into a helicopter Daisy touches him and glimpses a dangerous future scenario in which she fails to save Hinton.

Hive confronts Malick. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review

Back at SHIELD headquarters Coulson questions the team on how to solve this conundrum. Fitz and Simmons make it clear that saving Hinton from Hydra is not possible, the scenario Daisy saw has already occurred. Coulson refuses to accept this and confines Daisy to HQ and assigns May to rescue Hinton. Meanwhile May deals with her guilt over the murders Garner committed as Lash. For May things take an awkward turn when Garner hands himself to SHIELD, stating he will soon transform into Lash permanently. I am not certain what I think about the whole May, Garner and Lash affaire. It feels shoehorned into the season. I think we were seeing a more entertaining May without Lash.

Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons

Meanwhile Hive (post-mortem Ward zombie) confronts Malick. He questions his motives for staying with Hydra. Finally Hive manages Malick to admit he wants power more than anything else. Hive promises he will get it. So far the Malick and Hive has been a wonderful dynamic to watch, just as when Hive was Ward. Both Hive and Malick are intelligent antagonists who actually seems capable of destroying SHIELD. They are not the cartoonish villains from the first two seasons.

Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review.

Coulson and Lincoln continue to piece together who Hinton was. His transformation into an Inhuman took place several months before. His ability is to allow others to see the future, and their own deaths. It destroyed his marriage and he has lived on his own on the streets ever since. Until he accidently touched the restaurant owner. Meanwhile Hive and Malick commit a corporate coup with the help of an unwilling Hinton. After the coup has been completed, and Hive having sucked the live of all members of the board, does Malick gain access to a power suite.

Coulson sees Hive (Brett Dalton). Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review

At SHIELD Daisy takes the place of May. She continues to dogmatically believe that she can save Hinton. While infiltrating the company Hydra took over Coulson, Fitz, Simmons and Lincoln watch a feed from inside the building and to their dread discover the Ward zombie Hive. As Daisy attempts her rescue things quickly turn for the worst and only an intervention from Coulson saves. Lincoln fails to take down Hive while Daisy fails to save Hinton. Instead, he manages to save her from Malick. Hinton manages to give Malick a glimpse of his future before he dies. The post commercial scene shows Malick communicating with Hive in fear of his own live.


Spacetime was quite a rollercoaster. With the revelation that Ward is still alive, sort off, and Garner handing himself in to SHIELD meant that everybody’s story was progressed. For most of the episode it was clear that May could not replace Daisy. Daisy would have to confront her future glimpsed by Hinton. As such there was a fake-out, but a necessary one. After last weeks dick move by Coulson against Lincoln it felt good the two are finally managing to be a team. Though we will have to see what the fallout is from Lincoln’s failed attempt to take on Hive. Say what you will about the quick succession of plot turns the series uses in Season 3. It does make for better character development. It feels less plotted. Considering how much each character has been through in season 3 so far I can only acknowledge that I finally think Agents of SHIELD has managed to find its stride. This was Agents of SHIELD S3Ep15 Spacetime review!