Justice League Review – a team of superheroes that cannot match The Avengers

Justice League Review So finally after many years of speculation the first Justice League movie has arrived. Well, there was Batman v Superman, and Wonder Woman before it. Nonetheless Justice League is meant to be for DC Comics what The Avengers is for Marvel. Sadly, it cannot match the quality of that other movie. If I […]

Supergirl + The Flash crossover Worlds Finest Review

Supergirl + The Flash crossover Worlds Finest Review After watching Batman v Superman during the weekend the DC Universe is not done yet with tie-ins. Last evening Supergirl teamed up with The Flash on CBS. The result was an episode that made sense and was great fun, though it could not entirely hide the Supergirl silliness. A franchise crossover […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC Extended Universe has finally arrived!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice The title may be a bit misleading. Officially the DC Extended Universe started in 2013 with Man of Steel. The DC Extended Universe is meant to be to the DC Comics what Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is to, well, Marvel Comics. So far things have gotten off to a rocky […]