2020 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Movies

With the year nearly over I felt an overview of 2020 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Movies was in order. 2019 was another good year with regards to Science Fiction movies. Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker concluded the sequel trilogy and did not suck. While Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt was an unexpected gem. Both Alita: […]

Indiana Jones 5 – Can Harrison Ford truly return?

Indiana Jones 5 A few days ago Disney made the bombshell announcement that a new Indiana Jones movie would released in 2019. The movie, a sequel to the original trilogy and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, will again be directed by Steven Spielberg and will also feature Harrison Ford in the titular role. The first┬áresponse […]

Hackers 20th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

One of my favorite movie subgenres is about hacking. Movies such as WarGames, Sneakers and The Matrix are probably the reason why I am doing a PhD in Computer Science (besides the toiling work of writing about Science Fiction). Another movie that should be on that list is the 1995 movie Hackers by director Iain Softley. A […]