June 23, 2024


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Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 cover with Valence

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 Review

After reading three issues of the Star Wars Bounty Hunters series I was beginning to think the plot would never be explained. In fact, two-thirds into issue #4 I still felt like that. Yet I was wrong. In the final act, not unlike other series, of issue #4 the mystery of the series is resolved. That will eventually lead to the denouement covered by issues #5 and #6. After three and a half issues of beating around the bush this series now leaps forward. As such an opinion is starting to form regarding this series written by Ethan Sacks with art by Paolo Villanelli and Lee Bermejo. I think it is an exciting series that perhaps take too many elements from popular culture. Yet I think it is a worthwhile read. You can purchase Marvel’s Star Wars Bounty Hunters issue #4 on Comixology for $4.49.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 Valence and T'onga teaming up

The story of Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4

Issue #4 first has some ground to cover. On Ruusan we see how bounty hunter Ooris is holding the young girl Cadeliah as a hostage. That is before Cadeliah stabs Ooris with a hidden blade and Lash breaks his neck. Valence and T’onga have settled on a pact. However, while T’onga’s desire for revenge against Lash is understandable the case is not so clear with Valence. Only the reader catches on to this discrepancy. The two manage to fight their way past locals who aim to protect Lash, leading to yet another Cyborg versus beast fight. However, the locals stop the attack as soon as they uncover one of the bounty hunters is Valence. Once in orbit T’onga and Valence easily find Lash’s ship. T’onga attempts to kill Lash before Valence disarms her. Now we finally uncover why Lash killed the heir to the Mourner’s Wail Syndicate.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 Lash kills Khamus

Khamus had paid Lash and her colleagues to get close to his lover, heir to the rival Unbroken Clan syndicate, Krynthia. She is pregnant and Khamus fears exposure. Instead of allowing Khamus the chance to kill Krynthia Lash kills him. She escapes with Krynthia but T’onga’s brother T’ongor was killed. Eight weeks later, with the syndicates at each other’s throat Krynthia dies in childbirth, but her daughter Cadeliah is saved. After hearing this story T’onga vows to no longer pursue Lash, she already expressed doubts for revenge and leaving her lover behind. Instead, T’onga is killed by Boba Fett. This leads to the first major death in the series. The final page shows Fett addressing Lash stating “I have come a long way to kill you!”. We have to wait until issue #5 to uncover if Fett can make good on his threat.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4 Boba Fett kills T'onga

My opinion on Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4

I certainly enjoyed Star Wars Bounty Hunters #4. The buddy-villain act between Valence and T’onga was fun and felt reminiscent to a 80s action comedy, for a brief moment. The revelation that Lash was trying to save the pregnant heir to one crime syndicate was novel. It is a dark twist on a subplot that would have otherwise been too reminiscent to Romeo & Julia. Fett’s brief appearance in the middle confronting Bossk and at the end signals the two will feature largely in the final two issues. Lash won’t be able to save Cadeliah. The authors made it clear Lash will die from the illness she suffers. So it is up to Valence to ensure Cadeliah can claim her birthright and bring peace between the two crime syndicates. I certainly cannot wait for the ending. Even as I do think the story is too familiar.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters issue #5 is set for release on September 23rd. Come back here to read the review. If you don’t want to miss it then do fill out the widget on the right.