June 13, 2024


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Revolution WonderCon Trailer Revealed!

Revolution NBC banner - Elizabeth Mitchell, Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos

Despite the fact that I didn’t write a review of last week’s episode of Revolution I can promise I am still very committed to the show. The previous episode existed mostly out of necessity to wrap up the storyline of the first half of season 1. It was OK stuff but hardly brilliant. To sum it all up. Danny boy bought the farm. Monroe has teamed up with Randall Flynn to get the electricity back on. Miles, Nora and Rachel are heading towards a complicated three-way relationship. End of story.

Now that is over with we can look towards the future. At this years WonderCon many of the cast have given snippets away in interviews. According the Billy Burke and David Lyons General Monroe will continue to slip into his own mental abyss. Miles will head towards the light side of the force while Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) will head towards the dark side. If you want to read more spoilers than I suggest you go to www.IGN.com to read them.

To top things up NBC also released a new trailer that gives a general overview of where the next couple of episodes is heading. I dare say the creative staff have finally figured out that the only way to save the show is to put everybody out of their comfort zone. The risk is that Revolution will burn itself out by the end of season 1 as have a number of other shows facing cancellation.

Anyway, here is the spectacular trailer entitled ‘Power is Everything’…

Here are also some screenshots I took of the trailer, if you didn’t watch and don’t want to see any spoilers… Well tough!

Colm Feore as Randall Flynn in Revolution
Colm Feore as Randall Flynn
Danny buying the Farm in Revolution
Danny buying the farm
Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers) getting shot in Revolution - The Stand
Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers) getting shot in Revolution – The Stand
Giancarlo Esposito as Major Tom Neville captured - Revolution
Giancarlo Esposito as Major Tom Neville captured
Nora (Daniella Alonso) captured and suspended - Revolution
Nora (Daniella Alonso) captured and suspended

Source; www.scificool.com