June 13, 2024


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Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie in Revolution

Revolution season 1 finale ‘The Dark Tower’ Review!

Revolution command line

The finale.

And so the first season of Revolution has ended. To many it should be it’s only season but we will be getting another one at the end of the year. I have not yet decided whether Revolution deserves a reprieve as it is very rough and certainly not all diamond underneath. The season finale ‘The Dark Tower’ tries its best to make up for all the mistake and give viewers a reason to tune back in this fall and for the most part it succeeds.

Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie in Revolution

The plot.

So, briefly I will discuss the major plot point from the episode.

General Monroe and Miles have their big showdown, but its done half-heartedly and with fists as they need to escape from the people in the tower and Neville’s militia outside the tower. Neville does capture Monroe but Miles helps him escape in order to act as a diversion so he can get back into the tower. The last time viewers see Monroe is when the power is put back on and the lightning starts. I guess we will have to wait until season 2 to see of Monroe and complete his journey back to the ‘lightside’.

General Monroe - David Lyons - Revolution

Nora dies after she kills the people from the tower with a bomb. She doesn’t die quickly as she is pretty much dragged half-way through the episode. Miles tales her death hard but not as hard as Nora, who holds her mother partly responsible.

It is revealed that Aaron supplied the operating system to the Tower. Actually it was sold by his college to the DOD. As such Aaron manages to switch the lights back on but that only starts more problems. Apparently Randall Flynn was hoping the lights would be switched back in order to launch ICBM’s at Philadelphia and Atlanta. He then commits suicide. As Neville and his men are trying to et into the control room with C4 we can somewhat guess that a deal will be made by Aaron, Miles and Neville so they work together stop the missiles.

With the electricity back on almost all the lights miraculously turn back on after 15 years of being disconnected. President Bush has been hiding in Guantanamo Bay with the remnant of the United States of America and seems hell-bent on taking the continent back. No Kidding!!!

Revolution finale - United states colony guantanomo bay Bush


Conclusion; apart from the ludicrous finals scene with president Bush it is a very effective season finale. I will definitely see the season two opener because of all the cliffhangers. What more praise can there be. Just don’t blow it with Bush thing Eric Kripke!!

Score; 8.2 / 10.