April 18, 2024


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Revolution pictures spoil March 25th return!

Revolution 29th March 2013 NBC poster - Elizabeth Mitchell, Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos
Revolution poster, Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, Tracy Spiridakos and David Lyons

NBC has been so kind to post two stills and a new poster of their flagship TV-show Revolution. It is not much but at least the poster is way cool. Shame there is no HD version.

If you can’t wait until March 25th for your shot of Revolution then watch the webisodes called ‘Wheatley’s Letters’ on YouTube. In the meantime I suggest that re-watching the first ten episodes. Especially the scenes between Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) and President Monroe (David Lyons). The second half of the season will also introduce President Foster (Leslie Hope) of the Georgia federation.

Revolution - Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell and Tracy Spiridakos
Revolution – Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell and Tracy Spiridakos
Revolution - Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos
Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos

Here is also a brief 15 second preview of the second half of season 1. It is quite explosive! I am hoping the creative staff at Bad Robot Productions will manage to correct the deficiencies of the show. I would hate for Revolution to become another Terra Nova or Alcatraz just because it didn’t get a fair chance.

This 15-second sneak peek certainly puts the ‘revolution’ in Revolution. The gang that has now been augmented with Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) and her son Danny seems a bit large. I wonder who is not going to be making to it to the show’s second season should there be one. See you back on March 25th for the remainder of Revolution’s first season!

Source; www.Blastr.com