July 21, 2024


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Review of Revolution – The Song Remains the Same

Review of Revolution - The Song Remains the Same
Review of Revolution – The Song Remains the Same

Review of Revolution – The Song Remains the Same….

Last week’s episode of Revolution ‘Ghost’ was a very effective pace setting episode. It redirected Revolution away from the ‘save Danny’ story arc from the first half of the show. However, many fans were upset with the myriad of goofs and flaws in the episode. Bringing a sword to a gun fight is still something the writers need to ‘make work’. This week’s episode, ‘The Song Remains the Same’, has fewer such problems but suffers from characters doing things that are, well, out of character. I know the show needs to pick up the pace but having Rachel change from not caring that the power is out to a ‘power must go on’ crusader seemed very forced. Likewise, the whole Neville gets captured by the rebels is improbably resolved by the end of the episode. The fact that Neville managed to return to Philadelphia before the end of the episode also again seemed ‘forced’. As you realize the episode was hardly the shows best, but a necessary one in my opinion. It sets the board for the coming weeks well enough even though one can already guess what a few of those developments might be. They will certainly be EPIC nonetheless.

Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson in Revolution
Tracy Spiridakos looking pretty because that is all she can do

As for ‘The Song Remains the Same’….

Major Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) is made to wait outside General Monroe’s office. When Monroe (David Lyons) does let him in Neville mentions he was kept waiting for an hour. Monroe has been hatching a plot with Randall Flynn (Colm Feore) and intends to send Neville on a mission. Flynn manages to show his contempt for Neville and Monroe warns Neville that he won’t tolerate anymore failures. Neville later on has a difficult conversation with his wife. She argues that it is killing her to pretend that Jason (previously Nate) is dead. Neville states that it is a necessity.

In the rebel base Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Aaron (Zak Orth) are arguing about how the power was switched off. Apparently the research Rachel and Ben were working on featured nanotechnology that allowed them to create a seemingly infinite amount of nano-robots that can suck up electricity. These nano-robots do have a kill switch but otherwise completely immerse the whole world. Rachel refuses to switch them off, stating the only way to do so is at the ‘Tower’.

Neville's convoy attacked - Revolution
Neville’s convoy attacked

Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) is meanwhile practicing sword-fighting with Miles (Billy Burke) until Nora interrupts them. Apparently their new scout unit has located a convoy on the move. This is Neville’s convoy that was given to him to succeed in his mission for Monroe. Before long the convoy is attacked and Neville is captured. Back at the rebel base Rachel argues with Miles that Neville should be put to death. Miles is against it as he believes Neville holds valuable information. While interrogating Neville Miles is shown to be vulnerable about the death of Danny. Neville won’t budge when it comes to the secret mission he was on for Monroe and Flynn.

Later on Rachel is seen destroying the pendant that was taken from Neville’s convoy. Outside the base the rebel commander Padre welcomes a rebel column into the base. One of the rebels is Jason, when Charlie questions him he asks to see his father Neville. Miles says that it out of the question. Jason punches him what he did to his mother. Miles threatens him with beating up his ‘boy band face’ if he should step out of line again.

Major Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) - Revolution
Major Tom Neville being interrogated by Miles

Rachel later tries to kill Neville but is stopped by Charlie. Charlie thinks Rachel is being selfish for wanting to kill Neville. Rachel warns that Neville will inevitable manage to escape before she storms off. Jason then manages to gain access to his father and asks why he was never appreciated. Neville states he wanted Jason to become hard because it is a hard world. After what seems to be a peace attempt between the two Neville discloses what he mission is that he was on. Monroe wanted him to travel to an old cement factory with thirty pounds of diamonds not far from the rebel base. Jason subsequently reveals that he is working for Miles who then walks into the room.

Back in Philadelphia Monroe is angry that Neville hasn’t returned. Flynn states he will go ahead with the deal himself. In the rebel base Miles is planning on attacking the cement factory to see why it is so important. Jason tells Charlie that everybody knows that Danny shot down the Monroe helicopter and that his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

Neville has meanwhile managed to lure the rebel commander Padre to his cell. After a brief moment of mutual loathing Neville leaps from his restrains and kill the guard accompanying Padre. After that he slowly kills Padre.

Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) - Revolution
Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell) examining the plans of the nuke

At the old cement factory the rebels observe Flynn making a payment for a very large box. Monroe militia spot the rebels and a firefight ensues. Flynn manages to escape but the militia are all killed and so are many rebels. Inside the factory Miles and the gang find many boxes with radiation warnings on them. Miles assumes Flynn was there to buy a nuclear device.

Neville has meanwhile managed to travel back to Philadelphia to find his wife having tea with other officer’s wife’s. Neville warns her that Monroe is indeed very unstable and that they need to leave at once.

Aaron and Rachel deduce that Flynn was indeed buying a nuclear bomb. To which Hudson replies that Monroe will achieve a considerable advantage if he manages to use it. Nora is meanwhile seen mourning for Padre. Rachel makes the decision to go to the Tower to switch the power back on. Miles says the trip across the Plains Nation is far too dangerous. Miles also objects to giving everybody power. Rachel makes Miles promise to look after Charlie. Miles and Rachel then make out.

Aaron decides to go with Rachel to the ‘Tower’ while Miles sets out to look for ‘Monroe’s Nuke’.

Randall Flynn (Colm Feore) and the nuclear bomb - Revolution
Randall Flynn (Colm Feore) and the nuclear bomb


The episode was OK but not great. The whole nuclear bomb plot device is a bit sudden and so are the decisions the characters have to make. My firm believe is that Revolution will pick up the ball in the coming weeks. However, the show faces some stiff competition. Despite promises of wanting to be a sci-fi ‘Game of Thrones’ it has still a long way to go. I just hope the romance aspect won’t be too much milked out because that would put the show on the same footing as The Twilight Saga. I guess as the show is on NBC full-frontal nudity is also out of the question. What I wouldn’t give for this show to be on HBO.

Score; 7.9 / 10. I don’t know why!

Aaron (Zak Orth) - Revolution
Aaron (Zak Orth) – learning the truth about the blackout