May 22, 2024

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Preview of ‘Terra Nova’ and ‘Alphas’.

Tonight fans of scifi show will have yet again a full monday line up, but it will be one of the last weeks so.

First of, tonight is the final episode of the first season of Alphas. The episode is entitled ‘Orginal sin’ and the synopsis are as follows.

‘Dr.Rosen and his team must choose sides when Red Flag launches a full-out assault on the Department of Defense.’

So it would appear that Alphas will try and stay true to the idea of a first season ending by going out with a bang. That reminds me, I didn’t write a review of the last two episodes. That I will correct right now, though they will be short reviews.

Alphas episode 9 ‘Blind Spot’. This epside guest start Brent Spiner (Star Trek TNG). Dr Rosen and his team capture a doctor who has been experimenting with inducing Alpha abilities in unborn children. Quickly the team discovers he is an Alpha himself, he has the ability to see with sound despite being blind. However the team starts to see strange things and quikcly dedeuce another Alpha has penetrated their headquarters and has the ability to create blind spots in peoples perception and hide there. The invisible woman is a bounty hunter set to kill the doctor because he knows too much about Red Flagg (the pro-Alpha terrorist faction). I wont spoiler anymore but I will say this episode was good, it was sharp and daring and it paid off.

Score; 9/10
Viewer rating; 1.51 million.

Alphas episode 10 ‘The unusual suspects’. This episode brings back the character of Bill Harken who works for the DOD at the Binghamton institute. After a security breach in which old DOD employees from the 60’s were killed it is suepcted that the Alpha team of Dr Rosen has a spy. Depite Harken’s best efforts he doesn’t get anywhere with his interrogation. As a last desperate gamble he allwos them to escape in the hopes the traitor will reveal itself when he tries to erase the last traces of his stay at the Alpha team headquarters. This episode was a little less good than the one before it because some twists were a little bit predictable. Perhaps the writers sensed this because the ending suddenly turns into a brisk flow of revelations.

Score; 8.5/10.
Viewer rating; 1.39 million. These are pretty disasterous ratings, how the hell this show got renewed i do not know!

Alphas ‘Original sin’ Preview!

Terra Nova preview.

Terra nova is the new Steven spielberg scifi show, up to know the buzz has been mixed. Early reviews for the pilot are already out and they average about 8 out of 10. Personally I think a show like this can only succeed with a few Lost style mysteries, though I am not sure if the writers are capable of it. So far I have found the set design to be a little bit too hollywood like.