May 22, 2024

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Alphas Season one final ‘Original Sin’ review!

Anna and Gary
Anna and Gary

So, the first season of Alphas is a fact. In 11 episodes that have aired so far we have seen the concept of Alphas from very familiar (X-men and other superhero concepts) to being fresh and new. We have seen dull scripts that tried to give background information on dull characters and we have seen the writers of this show trying to genuinely give a good mic of action and drama.

As you might have guessed from my tone the first season of Alphas was rather of mixed quality, most of the episodes dealing with the mythology were very good. The season ended with several episodes concerning the mythology bu alas, despite being above average in quality ratings have continued to drop.

Where does alphas fail?

Hicks and Superwoman
Hicks and Superwoman

Alphas is about a group of people with special abilities and is headed by Dr Rosen, we follow him and his team as they try to wlk the tight rope between a Alpha xenophobic government and pro-Alpha terrorist group called Red Flag. The problem is that Dr Rosen and all the male members of the team are quite cool and the two remaining female members are quite forgettable. Its like they were and after thought for the writers or they merely sought the balance the male to female ratio. whatever their reason their writing of the male members is just brilliant. We get to learn a great deal about Gary, who is everybody’s favorite character (and he doesn’t disapoint in the finale either), Bill and Dr Rosen are also very interesting. Hicks at first seemed like and anchor character for the audience but he isn;t very well developed out. As for the ladies, I know one is called Nina but that is about it. And I don’t even which one Nina is. That’s how forgettable the female characters on this show are. In one episode we Summer Glay guest starring as Skylar and she pretty much dominated all the other female cast.

Season two will have to adress these issues as well as many others. The writers have given themselves a tough job when they allowed Dr Rosen to reveal the secret of Alphas to the world but perhaps that is a good thing.

As for the final episode.

Stanton Parish
Stanton Parish

Original Sin focuses on a lead that Alpha team has been given. They are told were the leaders of Red flag will meet and the DOD decides to take them out. The matter has greater urgency when the leader of Red Flag is revealed to be Stanton Parish (played by John Pyper-Ferguson), an immortal alpha who has been around since at least the civil war. However some things don’t add up but before Dr Rosen can object the take-down is going ahead. Quickly it is revealed that Stanton Parish set up the meeting so the other leaders of Red Flag could be arrested or shot. the fight scenes are spectacular with gun fight between the DOD on the one hand and Alphas on the other. Do there is some tragedy when Alphas get brutually shot by the DOD, this includes Anna, the Alpha with whom Gary bonded.

In the end we see our Alpha team reminisce about what happened, a few personal revelations follow. Normally a show could have ended here but the final scenes show a confrontotation betwen Dr Rosen and Stanton Parish were the bad guy just makes it clear that the game is on. This propels Dr Rosen to revealing the secret of the Alphas to the entire world…..

Dr Rosen reveals the secret of Alphas

Score; 8.5 /10.
Viewer rating; 1.16 million.

This is the lowest rating for Alphas so far, the show should actually have been killed off with ratings as low as this but apparently SyFy Channel doesnlt have many other shows left so it is going to stick with this one. The show has a problem with its image, hardly anyone has heard of it (this in contradiction to Person of Interest and Terra Nova) and quite frankly few people care about the plot. I myself am indifferent as whether season two will actually be made. Its on for know by that can change quickly.