May 22, 2024

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Person of Interest ‘Firewall’ Season Finale Review!

Person of Interest - Michael Emerson as Harold Finch

Finally after 23 episodes has the incredible first season of Person of Interest come to a finish, next to series like Nikita and The Walking Dead there is no series like it and it certainly is the best new series of this moment. This show fantastic because just like series such as 24 and Nikita it is able to deliver high quality production along with daring plot development, the shows creators are certainly not afraid to pull some punches. Jim Caviezel’s Reese and Michael Emerson’s Finch instantly captivated audiences by their likability while their coöperation is entertaining because of their opposing personalities.

Person of Interest - Amy Acker as Root

As for the plot so far, well, Finch and his partner Nathan Ingram created an artificial intelligence to watch every digital communication for the NSA, while the NSA is only interested in terrorist Finch was also interested in the threats ordinary people faced. After his partners death he enlists the help of Reese to rescue people that are threatened.

Person of Interest - Corrupt Cops

As for the plot of this episode…

Reese becomes trapped with his POI in a heavily monitored part of the city and must rely on Finch, Carter and Fusco’s help. Reese is set the task of protecting the latest victim, psychologist Caroline Turing (Amy Acker) who is unknowingly treating the person who has hired HR to kill her. Finch brings in Zoe Morgan to help find the suspect while Reese protects Turing. After stopping the first attack, Reese takes Turing to a hotel but are found by not only HR but the FBI, who are hunting for Reese.

person of Interest - Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia Corwin

Carter suspects Fusco is working for HR but learns he is working with Reese as well. Alicia Corwin, who has been following Finch, interrogates him but is killed by Turing. She reveals herself as “Root” and Finch realizes that she was the one who hired HR. She forces Finch to drive off. Reese finds Alicia’s dead body, while Carter and Fusco anonymously reveal HR members to the FBI. Reese discovers Finch is missing and talks to the machine, a public phone call rings and Reese picks up the phone as the episode ends.

Person of Interest - Jim Caviezel as Reese


As I said before this show just keep on reinventing itself, that is also true for this episode which is very tightly written (almost like 24). The return of ‘Root’ caught me off guard and strangely has led me to believe she may be working with Elias. The fact that Carter and Fusco now know of each other is something of a blessing because it was turning into something like a running gag, the only slight i have with POI at this moment is the FBI agent names Donnelly, he replaced Carter with chasing after Reese and just like Carter the whole reminds me too much of the colonel Lynch/Decker thing from the A-team. Here is hoping POI will overcome these slights for its second season which I expect would air in September. It certainly has proved what quality TV means compared to canceled shows like Alcatraz which had potential but was ultimately doomed by sloppy execution.

Score; 9.5 / 10.