May 22, 2024

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Person of Interest ‘Cura Te Ipsum’ review!

This weeks episode of Person of Interest is entitled ‘Cura Te Ipsum’, which is latin for ‘Cure your self’, which you will find out watching this episode has a double meaning. The episode is remarkedly different from the last one, suddenly characters like detective Fusco and Carter are back and are more important. The writing teams has managed to keep an unusual rough edge to the story ever since the pilot that really makes this tv-series stand apart, in part they push the backstory of Finch building ‘The Machine’ even further back for future episodes and focus on the here and now!.

Like previous episodes of Person of interest the story takes many twists and turns and as such is quite a write. I will reveal only the broad strokes of the story here. In some sense I can really see the writer’s of Lost at work here because some characters disapear for an episode or two and suddenly are back in the forefront while trivial but omnious happenings from before are later revealed to be important plot points.

Score; 8.5 / 10.

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