April 22, 2024


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Mr. Holmes movie starring Ian McKellen

Mr. Holmes movie preview starring Sir Ian McKellen

Mr. Holmes movie starring Ian McKellen

Mr. Holmes movie preview

This summer another Sherlock Holmes movie is scheduled for release. It doesn’t feature Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch or Jonny Lee Miller. Instead it stars Sir Ian McKellen as an aging Sherlock who desperately tries to remember details of his last case which he failed to solve. Mr. Holmes is not really about the mystery of the case. It is a movie about characters and situations as they might occur in the late Victorian period and Sherlock’s attempt to make sense of them decades later. As the aging detective is slowly forgetting details his memories of events may not be truthful. Yet, his attempts to juggle his mind is said to be captivating by early reviews. The movie also stars Laura Linney as Mrs. Munro and Milo Parker as Roger Munro. Sherlock stays with them in semi-retirement. Hattie Morahan plays Ann Kelmot whose suicide Sherlock failed to prevent. Patrick Kennedy plays her husband. Mr. Holmes was directed by Bill Condon whose previous experience include two Twilight movies as well as the Julian Assange drama The Fifth Estate. The latter was an OK movie, of the former I won’t speak.

Mr. Holmes movie poster

Mr Holmes is not a story that has come out of the blue. It is based on a novel by Mitch Cullin entitled A Slight Trick of the Mind. The novel belongs to an ever growing set of unofficial Sherlock Holmes stories as some of the originals by Arthur Conan Doyle have seen their copyright expire. Meanwhile, Mr. Holmes has already seen a limited release in the United Kingdom, but it won’t be released until July 16th elsewhere. If you are not certain on whether this movie is something you would be interested in than you can make your mind up viewing the trailer below.

Mr. Holmes International Trailer…

I escpecially enjoyed the lighting of Mr. Holmes. It’s fresh and bright compared to other movies set in the UK between the Victorian period and the 1950’s. I hope you also enjoyed the trailer, and if you’re thinking of wanting to see something it bit more serious than either Jurassic World or Terminator Genisys than you could do a lot worse than Mr. Holmes. This was Mr. Holmes movie preview starring Sir Ian McKellen. I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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