April 16, 2024


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Meagan Good as Detective Vega. Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review

Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review

Daniel London as Wally. Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review

Fox attempts to sink another show!

A few weeks ago I reviewed the pilot episode of Minority Report after it leaked. While I noted some concerns with the quality of the episode I also believed it had promise. Episode 2 does not change my opinion. There are still issues, the future world still feels unconvincing and the acting feels a bit wonky. If Fox wants this show to succeed it will need to try harder as the quality is not on par with either Fringe or Almost Human. Fox may have done some reshoots for the pilot episode which has further led to some confusion amongst viewers. Including me. I haven’t seen the new pilot but apparently Dash meets with brother Arthur at the end and discovers he is not actually in trouble. Thanks for a viewers to point this out.

Meagan Good as Detective Vega. Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review

Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review

The second episode of Minority Report, Mr. Nice Guy, immediately settles the procedural elements of the show. After Dash has his Precog vision both Vega and Wally aid in trying to interpret it. As you may have guessed, Dash’s visions do not include the name, face or even the exact date of the supposed murder. Both the Minority Report film and novel already hinted that each of the three Precogs had a part of the puzzle. For the TV show this situation is used to prevent a Deus ex machine from occurring in the first five minutes. There would not be a show otherwise. The painful experience that Dash has in creating the visions as well as the visions themselves gives drama to events that have yet to happen. Unlike every other procedural show where the detectives arrive after the murder and try to catch the perpetrator. Sole exception being Person of Interest.

Metropolitan Police. Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review

Meanwhile Vega has to deal with the aftermath of stopping the terrorist attack in the pilot. Everybody from her boss to the FBI wants to know where Detective Vega gets her information. It is only a matter of time before Vega has to led people in on her secret. Colleagues such as Lt. Blake, Vega’s former partner and Akeela already have suspicions. The writers will have to be careful not to make feel like a Superman/Clark Kent setup where the heroes identity is hidden by increasingly ridiculous scenario’s.

Stark Sands as Dash. Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review

Dash also has to deal with he aftermath of the previous cases he has worked with Vega. With references to a man he was forced to shoot it seems quite a lot happened. Nonetheless, neither his brother Dash not Agatha understand why he is attempting to stop more murders occurring. In fact, both attempt to talk him out of it. Vega is also skeptical which causes a brief rift. In all this the actual murder that Dash has predicted is hardly of any importance. In fact, I am starting to forget the specific details. After Vega and Dash fail to uncover who the murder victim will be Vega takes up Arthur’s offer to get her a name in return for a case file. Instead Vega discovers that the case file is about Arthur and Dash’s mother. Unwittingly Vega has stepped into Dash’s trap. From now on she will get his help in return for her inside knowledge of the police.

Nick Zano as Arthur. Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review


The second episode Minority Report feels decidedly mediocre. The special effects are not as good as the pilot, the shows atmosphere feels claustrophobic. It’s like I have already seen everything before. The humor element works well, Dash’s inexperience with the world leads to hilarious situations while he is on the dating scene. The only other good thing I can mention is that Laura Regan, who plays Agatha, no longer looks as though she was raised by the Amish. This was Minority Report S1Ep2 Mr. Nice Guy Review. I hope you enjoyed this short review.

Score; 6.5 / 10. Not a very entertaining sci-fi hour. At this rate Minority Report will be cancellation bait.