April 22, 2024


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Marvel logo for Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

Marvel logo for Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

It has been just over 3 months since the second season of Agents of SHIELD ended. The creative staff behind the show, Joss Whedon included, have yet again tinkered with the format in the hopes of improving ratings. Considering the second was an improvement over the first we can only hope the third season will be even better.

Joey Gutierrez. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

In terms of the story the third season continues about 3 months after the finale. SHIELD is busy dealing with the release of the compound that turns people into dangerous Inhuman’s. Coulson and his team have already figured out that pills made from fish oil are contaminated and they are struggling to cope. At the same time SHIELD has to contend with a rivaling group that has been kidnapping victims of the compound, now called Terrigen. Only slowly do Coulson, Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) and Mack discover the power and nature of this new organization.

Mack and Daisy (Skye) interrogate Joey. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

Season 3 also sees the addition of a new member of the team. Joey Gutierrez, who has been infected by Terrigen now poses a threat as material he touches turns to liquid. After a brief introduction to Daisy (Skye) Bobbi Morse makes a casual reference to Joey’s former boyfriend. ABC seems keen to join the 21st century with its inclusion of a casual gay character. Meanwhile a significant portion of the episode is focused on Fitz as he tries to recover Simmons from the Kree weapon that engulfed her in the season 2 finale.

Fitz (Ian De Caestecker). Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

Iain De Caestecker seems to be in his element as Fitz follows leads for a solution around the world. At times the episode feels more of a blend of Homeland and Indiana Jones than a MCU show. I certainly enjoyed the adventure element and the serious character development. Daisy and Mack continue to help Joey to adjust to his new circumstances, but are forced to knock him out when he becomes agitated. They solicit the help of Lincoln Campbell, the Inhuman who used to work for Daisy’s mother in hopes he can transition Joey better.

Coulson and Hunter trapped by ACTU. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

Meanwhile Coulson (Clark Gregg) finally manages to uncover the leader of the rivaling organization. She calls herself Rosalind Price, and her organization is the ACTU, officially tasked by the president to replace SHIELD. Price baits Coulson and Hunter in a manner I can only hope Coulson predicted. Both Price and Coulson quickly deduce they aren’t the only ones interested in the recently infected people. Meanwhile Lincoln, Mack and Daisy are attacked by Lash, a creature who can move through walls.

Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review

While Hunter and Coulson manage to turn the tables on Price Lincoln decides against joining SHIELD. Price continues to search for those with special gifts that can be a danger, her next target seems to be Lincoln. Meanwhile Coulson has a heart-to-heart talk with Fitz. Coulson wants Fitz to admit that Simmons is a lost cause, but just then Fitz deciphers the last artifact he managed to retrieve on his travels. It contains a scroll with one word, the Hebrew word for death. To Coulson it is the final straw. He wants to inform Simmons’s family she is MIA. In a fit of rage Fitz shoots his way into the room with the Kree stone. The last scene of the show shows Simmons on an alien planet running from an unseen danger.

Simmons on the alien planet. Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review


The first episode of the new season was rock solid. Nothing went easy for Coulson or his team. Instead SHIELD seems to be buckling under the pressure of the Terrigen infection and the rise of Lash and the ACTU. Meanwhile on a personal front the story also makes plenty of progress. I already mentioned the development Fitz has made, but Coulson also feels the pressure with the absence of May. Laws of Nature continues the improvements seen during season 2 and adds significant drama elements that don’t feels melodramatic. During the scenes of Hunter and Bobbi Morse I was reminded of the possibility they may get a spin-off series. I was skeptical when I heard the news, but I am willing to entertain the idea only if both characters keep their place in Agents of SHIELD as well. The only character that didn’t see much development was Mack. His against-the-grain attitude seems to be both a source of strength and conflict within the team. As a viewer I feel at loss as to determine what his nature is. This was my Agents of SHIELD S3Ep1 Laws of Nature Review. I hope you enjoyed it.

Score; 8.8 / 10. One of the best Agents of SHIELD episodes and that is without Grant Ward or Melinda. Season 3 may just come together nicely.

Source; Laws of nature wiki