April 18, 2024


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Rebecca confronts Sands. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Sands and the Legion Of Whom. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Limitless Finale: Part Two!! Review

After a season of using a drug enhancing drug that changed his life, Brian Finch finally comes full circle. This week Brian is on his last legs to uncover where Sands is hiding Piper as his immunity from NZT slowly wears of. I enjoyed ‘Finale: Part Two!!’ (yes it does have 2 exclamation marks). The episode is not without its flaws, but Limitless manages to tap into its solid drama base that it has slowly been building up for over 22 episodes.

Jake McDorman as Brian Finch. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

The season finale starts off after the bombing of Morra’s people. Naz has to admit the FBI is completely in the dark about Sands and his Legion of Whom. Brian suggests they discover what the Legion wants. What their motive is. However, Brian starts to suffer the first symptoms of the immunity shot wearing off. Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) is immediately on to this, but promises to cover for him. Rebecca and Brian manage to track the manufacturer of NZT, Meeks. Meeks gives them a name he overheard from Sands, Morneau, but the only Morneau in town is found dead after supposedly jumping from a hotel window. For once Brian is stumped as to why Sands would want anyone like Morneau dead. He tells Rebecca and Boyle investigating people on NZT is all that much harder.

Ron Rifkin as Brian's father. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Meanwhile Brian (Jake McDorman) confesses to his father (Ron Rifkin) the NZT immunity is wearing off, but that he intends to continue using the pills until he has found Piper. Brian discovers that Morneau was using his diplomatic credentials to negotiate the rights to the Northwest Passage that will shorten the shipping journey between Europe and Asia. Yet, he is still in the dark on why Sands would wants Morneau dead. Rebecca and Brian confront Morneau’s replacement, but she reveals nothing. Instead with the help of James “Tech” Brian develops a new hypothesis. Sands and his group are trying to destroy the treaty after they have created a lot of interest in it. That way by short-selling related stock they would make billions. Enough money to carry out some sort of grand plan.

Michael Devine as James 'Tech' Padgett. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Brian deduces that the next target for Sands would the representative of Greenland. Brian, Rebecca and Boyle (Hill Harper) make it into his office before his own bodyguard shoots him dead. The bodyguard was pressured by Sands, who has kidnapped his daughter. Yet, after Brian gives him an NZT pill he remembers where his daughter was stashed and he recollects details on the location of Sands. As the FBI takes down Sands’s NZT lab Brian becomes conflicted about staying behind in the car. His search for Piper has led him closer to Sands and he refuses to risk losing her because he was absent. Rebecca and Boyle manage to destroy the lab. Rebecca confronts Sands about the death of her father and his other crimes. Sands tries to make a deal with her, his freedom for testimony against Morra. Rebecca refuses the deal stating that Sands has become the bigger fish. A cornered Sands tries to fight his way out but is shot to death by Rebecca.

Rebecca confronts Sands. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

Brian finds a cot in a backroom. He knows it was where Sands held Piper, but the cot is empty. Brian admits to Rebecca he knows he has failed Piper. Later, outside Brian’s family home Rebecca tells him the FBI will help him through the withdrawal symptoms. In a touching scene Rebecca thanks Brian for all he has done, stating she thinks he is more mature than almost anyone she has met. Inside his family’s home a startled Brian finds Piper (Georgina Haig), alive and well. Piper tells him how she escaped from Sands, but also tells him she can’t stay. As a last gift she gives Brian and immunity shot that lasts permanently. Piper tells him she escaped from Sand’s hideout during the shooting with the immunity shot because she believes the government should not have access to it.

Jared Sands cornered by Rebecca. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

The next day at the FBI Rebecca and Briand discuss events. Rebecca thinks Brian will be allowed to stay, as an consultant. Rebecca also says that the FBI has assigned an squad to help with the aftermath of the NZT fallout, and investigate Senator Morra. The last scene of the episode shows Brian harassing prospective members of his ‘Secret Squad’ with a camera.

Georgina Haig as Piper. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review


This episode of Limitless was a solid ending to the first season. Brian has come full circle. Instead of faking his immunity to NZT he has now become truly immune thanks to Piper. The death of Jared Sands and the omission of Morra in this episode were controversial. It is hard to come up with a definite opinion on Sands. For most of the season he was Brian’s biggest nemesis, but there were instances were Sands seemed to be on the path of redemption. Yet it was his choice to confront Rebecca which left her no choice but to shoot him. Despite the death of Sands it does mean the liberation of Brian, who can now take NZT pills with impunity. I think it should be up to the audience to decide whether Brian is worthy of his abilities.

Brian and Rebecca in New York. Limitless Finale Part Two!! Review

I think the most important question this season of Limitless should answer is “Did it change Brian’s life?”. The answer is “without a doubt!”. NZT gave Brian a belonging in helping the FBI, his family (in a roundabout sort of way), Rebecca and Piper. All that while he still remains his old self. Everybody changes for the worst using NZT, Morra was as a failed author already a narcissist, even Piper becomes detached while on the drug. Only Brian seems to be truly immune to this side-effect that even Piper’s immunity shot couldn’t fix. All this is not to say Brian is a goody-two-shoe, his antics is are obviously hilarious and sometimes improper, but never with malicious intent. Though the season may not have ended on a major cliffhanger I am eager for season 2. There are plenty of remaining questions to be answered. What happened to Piper, and will Morra become president. I expect season 2 to air this fall, in time for a tie-in with the presidential race. That said, CBS has yet to renew the show. This was Limitless Finale: Part Two!! Review. I hope you enjoyed the show and this review.