April 16, 2024


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Jon Snow revives. Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review

Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review – Does Jon return?

Benjen Ned and Lyanna Stark

Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review

The second episode season 6 starts off were the premiere ended. Just like the previous episode this one is also controversial. Yet its quality seems more consistent.

Beyond the Wall

Bran continuous to learn about his magical abilities from the Three-eyed Raven, played by Max von Sydow. He sees visions of Benjen and Ned Stark practicing with swords when they were boy. We get a brief glimpse of a young Lyanna Stark. Bran also discovers that Hodor was called Wylis. Yet, viewers are left wondering just what this ability of Bran will add to the story. So far little of the Bran storyline makes sense. Whether Bran is being trained to be some sort of Luke Skywalker to defeat the Whitewalkers seems superfluous if Jon Snow is meant to be Azor Ahai.

Tyrion tickles a dragon. Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review


Meanwhile at Winterfell Ramsay, Roose and Lord Karstark are discussing their next move. Ramsay is in favor of attacking Castle Black if that is where Sansa fled to. Roose berates him for his idea as it will probably turn most of the houses of the North against him. A maester arrives to tell Roose him his wife Walda Frey has given birth to a son. After a tense moment Ramsay hugs his father before stabbing him to death. A little while later Ramsay lures Walda and her son into the dog kennels where they are devoured.

Brienne tells Sansa she saw Arya in the Riverlands with the Hound. Theon rejects her offers of escaping with them to Castle Black, stating he does not deserve Jon Snow’s forgiveness. Instead Theon decides to set out for Home, presumably the Iron Islands.

Roose Bolton killed. Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review


In the Great Pyramid of Meereen Tyrion, Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm are discussing the political situation in Slaver’s Bay. Tyrion suggests the two remaining dragons are an asset to be used, but that in captivity they will die. With Varys he enters the dragon pit. Tyrion talks to the dragons as though they are people and manages to gain their trust long enough to undo their shackles. After he returns to Varys he states he should be punched for coming up with such dangerous ideas.


Meanwhile Arya’s trial as the blind beggar moves forward only slowly. The Waif gave another beating to Arya. Yet, the faceless assassin who carries Jaqen‘s face returns and tries to have her admit she is still Arya by offering food and lodgings. When Arya denounces his attempts he persuades her to follow him, telling her she no longer needs to live as a beggar on the streets.

Jaime challenges the High Sparrow. Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review

King’s Landing

In the streets of King’s Landing Ser Robert Strong makes his first victim when he smashes the head of a drunk who insults Queen Cersei. Cersei is barred from attending Myrcella’s funeral in the Sept of Baelor. Inside the sept Tommen and his father Jaime argue about events that have led up to Myrcella’s death. Tommen blames himself. Jaime urges him to make his peace with his mother to which he agrees just as the High Sparrow enters. Jaime and the Sparrow spar words, but both show restrain. When the Sparrow’s guards arrive Jaime jests they should be close if he wants them to save his life. In the Red Keep Tommen and his mother make their peace. Force once, the young king seems intent to learn from his past weakness and actually do something about it.

On the Iron Islands

Balon Greyjoy speaks to Yara about their war against the North. Yara points out that the armies of the North have retaken all of the Ironborn strongholds on the mainland, and pleads with him to end the war. However, Balon refuses and promises to send more troops to stage another invasion of the North. As Balon heads outside, he encounters his brother, Euron Greyjoy. Balon attempts to stab Euron, who throws him off a bridge to his death. At Balon’s funeral, Yara swears revenge against Balon’s killer, but is reminded by her uncle Aeron, a Drowned Priest, that her position as successor depends on the results of the Kingsmoot.

Yara at Balon's funeral. Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review

At the Wall

Davos and the Night’s Watch loyalists prepare themselves for battle when Alliser and his allies begin to break down the door. As they are about to break through, the outer walls of the Castle are breached by the giant Wun Wun, followed by Tormund and an army of Wildlings, who have returned with Edd. Outnumbered, Alliser and the mutineers are forced to surrender, Edd proclaiming that Thorne and his men are the real traitors, who took up arms against the Lord Commander.

Inside, Davos pleads with Melisandre to attempt to resurrect Jon, reminding her of her previous miracles, swallowing poison and birthing a demon. Though Melisandre’s faith has been shattered by Stannis Baratheon’s fall, she is reminded of her encounter with Thoros of Myr and attempts a ritual, cleansing the dead body and burning follicles of hair in the fire while whispering an incantation, but to no avail. Defeated, Melisandre, Davos, Edd and Tormund leave the room. Within moments, as his dire wolf Ghost comes to attention, Jon Snow awakens on the table.

Jon Snow revives. Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review


It has been yet another controversial episode of Game Of Thrones. After the sudden death of Roose Bolton and Prince Doran the series has taken a turn for the worse. I am not saying season 6 is ruined or that the series is ruined, but I am saying show creators Benioff and Weiss have a problem. That problem is with fans of the books. So far none of the deaths this season have made much sense, or made much of a difference. The consensus is that the creative staff are in a hurry to end to the series and are thus killing off characters to set events in motion. It doesn’t have much in the way of answers. Yet, I think back to it fondly. The story enables Yara, Bran, Tyrion and Jon to be back into the show in a big way. As such I can’t wait for next week’s episode, Oathbreaker. This was Game of Thrones S6Ep2 Home Review.