May 24, 2024

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Happy Halloween 2021 + schedule for the fall

Happy Halloween 2020 + schedule for the fall

It is weird that a whole year has already past since the last Halloween greeting I wrote. I just had a look at it, back then I was celebrating the fact the website was doing great and that Luigi’s Mansion 3 had just been released. I was also looking forward to The Mandalorian, Jedi Fallen Order and The Rise of Skywalker. It was indeed a good time, not unlike now with COVID-19 forcing delays on most productions. But that is the world in which we live. So, what can we look forward to with Halloween 2020? If your cinema is open there is sadly precious little to see. Tenet has been out for nearly two months so I suppose you would have already seen it.

Halloween greeting Wonder Woman 1984

More series, games and movies than I know what to do with

In December three movies are still slated, if their release dates do not slip: Wonder Woman 1984, Death on the Nile and Free Guy. When it comes to series the outlook is a little bit better. Yesterday saw the release of The Mandalorian second season with the remaining seven episodes to be released on a weekly basis. Star Trek Discovery has just started its third season, but I have yet to view any of it. Something I will remedy in the next few days. On November 8th His Dark Materials starring Dafne Keen will return for its second season. Then there are series such as The Blacklist which I always enjoy watching.

When it comes to games things are also looking up. Right now I am playing Watch Dogs Legion, admiring the dystopian look London has received. Though it is a good game, it is not great. For that there is too little innovation compared with Watch Dogs 2. A full review of Watch Dogs Legion is slated for today. Meanwhile the biggest game of the decade – Cyberpunk 2077 – has once again been delayed. This time the reason is to polish the current console version a bit more. The delay is just for 3 weeks, the game is slated for December 10th.

Watch Dogs Legions driving through London

New consoles – not for me

That brings us to the new generation of game console: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. While I am always happy with new consoles I won’t be purchasing one right away. There is simply not enough of a bump compared to the pro editions of current consoles to justify buying them. Though I might be in the market for an Xbox Series S next year. Finally, this week Zachtronics announced they were releasing a new game. Their coding / hacking games such as Shenzhen I/O and Exapunks have been a favorite of mine for a while. On November 5th they will release Mobius Front 83, a turn-based strategy game set in the early 80s with an interesting sci-fi theme. I cannot wait. looking at some screenshots there may be a little bit of programming going on as well.

Happy Halloween

So despite the fact most of us are staring at a second lockdown there are still bright spots. Besides all of these movies, games and series to watch an play during the ever shorter days there are also a plethora of comic books. during November and December I will continue to provide coverage for Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team, Blade Runner 2019, Star Wars and Alien. So with that I wish every reader of this blog a Happy Halloween!