April 22, 2024


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The X-files to return for 6 episodes. Gillian Anderson hot in sexy lingerie.

Gillian Anderson to author Science-Fiction saga ‘EarthEnd’

Gillian Anderson - Blonde hair The X-files
Gillian Anderson – X-files photoshoot

The X-files has been over for more than a decade, the show was briefly back in 2008 with the movie ‘I Want To Believe’ but that has been the only sci-fi outing for co-star Gillian Anderson in recent years. We have instead had the pleasure of seeing her acting in movie such as ‘Boogie Woogie’ and shows such as ‘Hannibal’ and ‘The Fall’. However, the 45-year-old X-files alumni is set to return to her sci-fi roots in a big way. Next year she will star in the Jon Wright movie ‘Our Robot Overlords’ besides Ben Kingsley, but she will also make her début with the written word as author of a saga of Science-fiction novels entitled ‘EarthEnd’. Little is known about the saga except for a brief synopsis, the first novel ‘A Vision of Fire’ is set for a October 2014 release and is co-authored by Jeff Rovin who has written quite a number of Tom Clancy novels.

Gillian Anderson sexy lingerie stockings
Gillian Anderson to write EarthEnd saga

Gillian Anderson offers a simple explanation for this departure from acting, ‘But I realised I had ideas hidden within me for a series and a lead character, in this case, a heroine’. She added the following details of ‘A Vision of Fire’. It’s child psychiatrist Caitlin O’Hara who takes centre stage in “A Vision of Fire,” but her time with a particular girl prods her into action — “the girl’s behaviour is tied to much greater forces in the universe, and as the story unfolds, [Caitlin] must prevent destruction on a grand scale.”

I certainly applaud Gillian’s boldness moving into new territory, it shows that creative people do tend to achieve the most. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Gillian on either the big screen or the little screen either. Check back in the coming period for more information on the ‘EarthEnd’ saga.

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