April 22, 2024


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Arthur Dayne. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review!

Arthur Dayne. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

This week’s episode, Oathbreaker, features several exciting events such as the resurrection of Jon Snow and the duel at the Tower of Joy. Yet, several of the side-plots are distinctly weak. Events at King’s Landing and Meereen are still unfolding slowly. In the meantime there has been no Baelish, Dorne or Eyrie. Read my full review here at SciFiEmpire.net.

At the Wall

After awakening in the previous episode, Jon Snow startles Davos by returning to live. Jon can’t answer Melisandre about the after-life. He states he can only remember his assassination. Melisandre tries to tell Jon he is Azor Ahai, or the “prince that was promised”, but Jon appears unconvinced and unconcerned. In the courtyard of castle black Jon meets Tormund and Edd. Jon’s death and resurrection had made a deep impact on the surviving member of The Watch and the Wildling’s in particular. The final chapter of the episode is also set at the wall. Jon presides over the hanging of Ser Alliser, Olly, Othell Yarwyck and Bowen Marsh. Jon asks for some last words. Ser Alliser is unrepentant while Olly says nothing. After hanging the mutineers Jon gives his cloak to Edd and tells him he can rule as Lord Command from now on.

Jon Snow alive. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

So, after two episodes and a bit everything is back to. Jon Snow is back and his assassins dead. Yet, it does not feel like a victory. Jon is not suddenly the hero, Azor Ahai who will lead an army against the Whitewalkers. Instead the final scene sees him walking out of castle Black, just in time to miss the arrival of Sansa, Brienne and Podrick in the next episode. It is difficult to foresee how events will lead south to Winterfell instead of North, but at this moment things remain firmly fixed at the Wall.

Beyond the Wall

This episode finally shows a flashback of events during Robert’s Rebellion. It is the epic duel at the Tower of Joy. For fans of the series and the novels it means they are one step closer to discovering if L + R = J. In other words, if Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar.

Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and the Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow) observe a vision of Eddard Stark. He and several companions including Howland Reed engage Ser Arthur Dayne (Luke Roberts) and Ser Oswell Whent at the Tower of Joy in Dorne’s Red Mountains. Eddard tells them that the Mad King and Prince Rhaegar are dead. It deters neither. Dayne cuts down several of the companions, including Howland. He manages to corner Ned but the injured Howland Reed sneaks up behind Dayne and stabs him in the neck.

Melisandre finds Jon Snow. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

When a women’s scream emerges from the tower, Ned and Howland begin to run inside. The Three-Eyed Raven wants to end the vision, but Bran demands calls out to Ned. Ned turns for a second after hearing Bran’s voice. The scene ends in the cave. The Three-Eyed Raven is evasive of Bran’s questions, and does not discuss whether it is possible to influence past events.

In Vaes Dothrak

Daenerys arrives with Khal Moro’s khalasar at Vaes Dothrak, and is escorted to meet with the Dosh Khaleen by Moro’s bloodriders. The elder of the Dosh Khaleen tries to symphatise with Daenerys, stating that she was once married to a great khal who she thought she would rule the world with, but met the same fate. After giving Dany a change of clothes, she explains that the various khalasar have gathered at Vaes Dothrak to discuss which cities and towns to conquer. They have also met to discuss what to do with Dany, noting that she hopes for her safety they decide to let her remain with the Dosh Khaleen.

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven watch the duel. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

So far Dany’s story this season has been a let down. Viewers are left pondering not only what will happen next, but why it is happening. What does it matter if Daario and Jorah save her, or that her dragon saves her?

In the Narrow Sea

Samwell (John Bradley) begins to feel seasick as he travels by boat to Oldtown with Gilly (Hannah Murray) and her baby, Little Sam. Sam explains to Gilly that women are not welcome at the Citadel, and that he intends to leave her with his family at Horn Hill while he trains to be a maester. He tells Gilly that she and Little Sam are all that matter to him.

In Meereen

Varys summons Vala, a woman allied with the Sons of the Harpy, to the throne room in the Great Pyramid. He accuses her of conspiring to kill the Unsullied and Second Sons, but she replies in calling them foreign invaders. Varys tries to explain his perspective and mentions her son, Dhom. Vala explains that if she gives him information on the Sons of the Harpy they will likely kill her. Varys offers her safe passage to Pentos with a bag of silver for information.

Tyrion wants to do a drinking game. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

Meanwhile, Tyrion tries to entertain Grey Worm and Missandei while waiting for Varys. Varys arrives and explains that he has discovered that the slave masters of Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis have been financing the Sons of the Harpy. Grey Worm notes that the Unsullied have taken Astapor and Yunkai once before, but Tyrion warns him that marching on the cities will leave Meereen defenceless. They come to the conclusion that the only way to defeat the Sons of the Harpy is to hunt them down. Tyrion asks Varys to send his little birds to deliver a message to the leaders of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis.

In King’s Landing

Qyburn gives orders to the “little birds” that he has inherited from Varys as Cersei, Jaime and Ser Robert Strong arrive. Cersei orders Qyburn to put spies in the North, the Reach and Dorne. Later, Cersei and Jaime interrupt a small council meeting at which Lord Kevan Lannister, Lady Olenna Tyrell, Lord Mace Tyrell and Grand Maester Pycelle are present. Cersei and Jaime mention that Ellaria and the Sand Snakes have taken Dorne for their own, and demand to sit in on the Small Council; when they refuse to leave, Kevan instead orders the council to leave the room.

Jaime and Cersei. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

Tommen marches into the Sept of the Faith Millitant with his Kingsguard, demanding to let Cersei see Myrcella’s tomb. The High Sparrow explains she will be able to once her sins have been atoned for and she has faced trial. After telling their respective soldiers to stand down, the High Sparrow explains the importance of the Mother in the Faith of the Seven, showing Tommen the resemblance to his mother.

In Braavos

Arya trains using sticks with the Waif in the House of Black and White. In between sessions, the Waif questions Arya about who she used to be. Arya reveals all of her family members and reveals that she had taken the Hound off of her kill list before she left him to die. She questions who the other names were on the list, which Arya reveals as Cersei Lannister, Gregor Clegane and Walder Frey.

After finally being able to parry the Waif’s hits, Jaqen takes Arya into the main chamber and offers her sight back if she says her name. When she replies “A girl is no-one”, Jaqen makes her drink from the well in the chamber and her sight is restored.

Tommen talks to the High Sparrow. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review

At Winterfell

Meanwhile at Winterfell Ramsay’s reign of terror continues. Just when you think he can’t make it any worse he surprises the viewer with yet another perversion. After Ramsay killed his father Roose in the previous episode I felt that the show was finally setting the scene for Ramsay’s comeuppance. From the trailers we already know that there will be a big battle between the Bolton’s and their allies against Jon Snow, the wildlings and anything Jon can muster. Whatever the fate of Ramsay during Boltonbowl, we are not there yet. At Winterfell Smalljon Umber meets with Ramsay and Harald Karstark. He warns Jon Snow has been letting Wildlings pass the wall. A disagreement ensues when Smalljon refuses to kneel and swear and oath to Ramsay. Instead, he presents Rickon Stark and Osha as a gift. To proof that Rickon is the genuine thing he also presents Ramsay with the severed head of Rickon’s dire wolf, Shaggydog. For fans this new revelation can mean only thing, more Stark’s will suffer that the hands of the Bolton’s. Fans have been wondering just who it will be that are shown to be flayed and burned before Boltonbowl. It is difficult to say if Rickon will suffer this fate but my bet is Osha will.

Olly and Alliser Thorne hanged dead. Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review


This episode of Game Of Thrones was good, but a few of the stories didn’t not move forward as fast as I had hoped. The situation in Meereen, King’s Landing and Braavos have so far not captivated me. I am glad Jon’s resurrection is now complete. It paves the way for a new dynamic at the wall. Especially if Brienne and Sansa arrive during the next episode. Oathbreaker did not have earth shattering revelations. Fans still don’t know if L + R = J is correct. In this episode, people did, they acted and as such there is less room for speculation. This was my Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review.