Game Of Thrones S08E05 The Bells Review

And so we saw the penultimate episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones – The Bells. As is traditional this is usually the bloodiest episode of the season with the last dealing with the consequences. Ooh and bloody it was indeed, the sack of King’s Landing. For that is what it was. The episode has it […]

Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review!

Game Of Thrones S6Ep3 Oathbreaker Review This week’s episode, Oathbreaker, features several exciting events such as the resurrection of Jon Snow and the duel at the Tower of Joy. Yet, several of the side-plots are distinctly weak. Events at King’s Landing and Meereen are still unfolding slowly. In the meantime there has been no Baelish, Dorne or Eyrie. […]