March 4, 2024

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Continuum ‘Time’s Up’ Preview!

Continuum is going on a brief hiatus and won’t be back until July 8th for the episode entitled Time’s Up.

Here is the episodes synopsis…

Kagame pursues the first step of his new agenda – winning over the intellectuals and the grassroots dissenters. When Liber8 kidnaps the CEO of a major corporation, Kiera and Carlos must race an actual ticking clock to save the CEO from public punishment.

And here is the promo trailer…

The trailer clearly shows that Continuum continues to explore it grittier side with Liber8 doing what they do best, terrorism. This show is blessed with the fact that it has multiple villains, besides some of the lesser known members of Liber8 such as Sonya, Garza and Lucas there is Curtis, Travis and of course Kagame. Now, Kagame’s character has depth and a history that shows he is not carved out of wood villain but is more of misguided intellectual. The of course there is also Kellog, who seems to be blend between Elim Garak from DS9 and Ben Linus from Lost.

Another piece of good news is that the shows ratings have picked up, they now stand at just a little bit under 500.000 and that is just in Canada!

Enjoy the other still…