February 21, 2024


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Continuum ‘A Test of Time’ Review!

After four episodes where Continuum has managed to assert itself as the thrilling, clever sci-fi show that it is we now have the first episode, entitled ‘A Test Of Time’, in which its boundaries are explored. One of the earliest questions raised about the concept behind Continuum was the so-called ‘Time Paradox’ or grandfather paradox. What happens if you travel back in time and kill your grandfather? Do you see to exist as well?

This episode as did the previous two with a scene in 2077, Kiera is after Liber8 but only belatedly recognises that their next terrorist target is SadTech, where her husband works. The subsequent explosion of the building leaves it unclear if he has been killed or not.

Next the story moves back 2012, Kagame is asserting himself once again over Liber8 and decides to test the time-paradox by killing the grandmother of Kiera. The only problem is there are nine woman known as Lilly Jones in Vancouver and he doesn’t know which one is the correct one. So in true terminator style he sends Travis to kill them one by one. Keira meanwhile one woman of being her grandmother, this girl is intelligent and successful. It comes as a surprise then when she uncover her true grandmother to be a dropout junkie who is pregnant with her mother. This ‘real’ Lilly Jones has not intention of keeping the child and it is up to Kiera to convince her otherwise less she would be erased from history.

Meanwhile Kagame is putting the squeeze on Kellog after he find out he was betrayed by Kellog, by abducting Kellog’s grandmother and threatening to kill her he hopes to make a trade. Kellog has other plans and instead kidnaps Kagame’s pregnant mother. Kagame admits defeat and releases Kellog’s grandmother, but she is shot by Travis who was lurking nearby with a sniper rifle. Kagame is enraged at Travis because he gave his word to Kellog, but otherwise does nothing. After kellog’s grandmother dies there is surprise with both Kiera and Kellog about the fat that he hasn’t disappeared. This seems to undermine Kagame’s theory of time-paradox and clear Kiera of one direct threat.

As part of a deal between Kellog and Kiera he will make sure that Kiera’s mother is whisked away safely and secure.

A side-plot involves a young Alec Sadler having to deal with his stepbrother, but this isn’t very exciting at it doesn’t get very tense.


Now, I have merely given out a plot outline, this episode is certainly still very fresh if you want to watch it. The thoughts about time travel in this episode proofs this show can be clever if it wants to be. The storyline between Kiera and he grandmother were a bit too dramatic for my taste and they slowed this episode down too much.

Score; 8.5 / 10.