February 27, 2024


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Continuum episode 8 ‘Playtime’ Preview! **UPDATE Promo trailer**

Continuum TV-series

Fans of Continuum are slowly starting to wonder why Showcase hasn’t renewed Continuum for a second season, normally this is done when the show is still airing in order to show confidence. However, as Continuum will have a short first season of only 10 episodes it is actually well possible that the decision could be delayed by as much as a few months until production for a second season has to be green lighted. The ratings for continuum hardly tell the complete picture as those are just for Canada and the online income of this series is unknown to anyone but Showcase. My guess is that Continuum will be back for another season and not in the least because other shows have or will end (Eureka and Fringe) and so it won’t have much competition and fans from those series will probably come over to this show (if they haven’t already). Canadian ratings for Continuum have hovered around 400.000 and last weeks episode managed to beat expectations with 427.000 official viewers, so that is some good news at least.

As for this weeks episode of Continuum, entitled ‘Playtime’, here is the synopsis and cast list…

When Kiera and Carlos investigate two mysterious murder-suicides, they quickly  realize that both may be the result of a lethal computer program turning video game programmers into killers.

Rachel Nichols – Kiera Cameron

Victor Webster – Detective Carlos Fonnegra

Erik Knudsen – Alec Sadler

Stephen Lobo – Matthew Kellog

Omari Newton – Lucas Ingram

Richard Harmon – Julian Randol

Mike Dopud – Stefan Jaworski

Tony Amendola – Edouard Kagame

Cameron Park – Sad Tech Exec

Evan Frayne – Cole Bartley

Victor Ayala – Copeland

Danny Wattley – Greg Morit

This cast list allows us to see that the friend of Kiera’s husband, the boob-grabber from the last episode, is going to be a regular of the series. I think that will add more tension to the 2077 storyline. Fans are also eager for Kiera’s bodysuit to make a reappearance (with her in it preferably) and I am guessing they won’t be disappointed for long. One oddity on the cast list is the character of Stefan Jaworski, as he was killed off in the pilot I am wondering why he is still on it? Is it just a contractual obligation on the part of Showcase or does Liber8 have a plan.


It seems as though my prediction of Jaworski has come true, about a week ago (sorry I missed) Showcase released a trailer of all the last episodes and it includes the character of Jaworski being put on trial in 2077 (in a flash-forward). I must say it seems that the last bunch of episodes of this season will pretty much unravel the entire plot of Continuum.


Here are the promo pictures for ‘Playtime’…

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Camerin - Continuum - Playtime