March 4, 2024

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Closing the Zero matter rift. Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review.

Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review

Closing the Zero matter rift. Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review.

Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review

With Agents of SHIELD on its mid-season hiatus fans of Marvel have instead been shown Agent Carter. After a successful first season in which the show proofed it could be better than even SHIELD expectations were high for its new season. It is difficult to say whether Agent Carter has succeeded. In many ways the story, now set in L.A., was even darker than its first. Yet. the drama was also too often interrupted by silliness masquerading as humor. Too often the sexism of the 40’s made way for the juvenile antics of Howard Stark. Humor is important, but not as important as seeing Peggy succeed against the odds in a world that doesn’t appreciate her enough. The second season’s finale doesn’t make good on the mistakes, but they do set the stage for the third season. The finale in itself does not contain many surprises, apart from the last few cliffhanger scenes, but more on those later. Instead, the story of this season had already been wrapped up over the last few episodes: with the death of Vernon Masters and the recovery of Ana Jarvis.

Ken Marino as Joseph Manfredi. Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review

This season finale, Hollywood Ending, starts where the previous episode ended. Wilkes manages to save the day, but not Masters. Our team consisting of Wilkes, Carter and Jarvis quickly need to escape from Whitney Frost who has managed to absorb the Zero Matter expended by Wilkes and becomes all-powerful in the process. After their escape they become worried about Frost’s next move. They are unexpectedly aided by her second-in-command Manfredi, who after briefly holding them up as a joke offers his services. Manfredi manages to keep Frost busy while Stark and Peggy take pictures of the obsessive scribblings made by Frost.

Lotte Verbeek as Ana Jarvis. Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review

Stark and Wilkes determine from the pictures that Frost intends to open a new rift. Instead they build a device that can do that themselves and lure Frost to the rift. After hitting Frost with the gamma cannon the Zero Matter escapes into the rift. Our team tries to close the rift, but in a scene intended to be humorous they manage to shut it down by flying Stark’s hover car into the rift with the gamma cannon. I say intended to be humorous because it isn’t. Too much silliness.

Sousa and Peggy making out. Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review

And so the main portion of the episode ends quickly. The last 10 minutes deals with the fallout of the episode. Frost gets locked up in an asylum. Peggy says her goodbyes to Ana and Jarvis. Peggy also makes peace with Thompson despite the fact he has been a dick for the entire season. Then, after visiting Sousa at the SSR station L.A they make out in his office. Leaving in doubt as to whether Peggy will even return to New York. Meanwhile, Thompson, who found a redacted file of Peggy on Masters, ends up shot in his hotel room. The shooter takes the file.

Thompson. Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review

The finale did a handsome job of setting the stage for season 3. The relationship between Carter and Sousa should make for an interesting new dynamic. Alas the shooting of Thompson felt too much like an afterthought. I mean, nobody is convinced he is dead. Despite that, Agent Carter can look back on a successful season two even though it took a while for things to get heated up. My only concern is the lack of foreshadowing for Agents of SHIELD. Some interaction with other Marvel shows would be welcome. This was Agent Carter S2Ep10 Hollywood Ending Review. I hope you enjoyed reading it.