February 27, 2024


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Agent Carter Review. Mr. Mink

Agent Carter Review – S1Ep4 The Blitzkrieg Button

Agent Carter Review. Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter

Agent Carter is finally back after a two weeks absence with episode ‘The Blitzkrieg Button’. Hayley Atwell continues to shine as Peggy Carter. But slowly I am beginning to wonder what direction Agent Carter is taking. Allow me to argue what I think this show should do differently in this Agent Carter Review.

Agent Carter Review. Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark

Agent Carter Review – S1Ep4 The Blitzkrieg Button

‘The Blitzkrieg Button’ continues where ‘Time and Tide’ left off. SSR is still looking for Howard Stark and they have no idea that Peggy is helping him. Now that SSR has found a large cache of the weapons stolen from Stark the race is on to make sure they are never used. Stark returns to New York incognito and convinces Peggy she needs to recover one of the artifacts found on the boat. It is an orb that has the power to black-out a city. Meanwhile Agent Sousa looks into the mysterious tip that lead to the discovery of the weapons cache. Agents Thompson alternates by giving him help or berating Sousa. Meanwhile Dooley interrogates a Nazi who may have a clue about who is targeting SSR agents.

Agent Carter Review. Howard Stark name on list

Things become complicated for Peggy when Stark decides to introduce himself to the women at Peggy’s boarding house while a hired killer stalks her every move. The situation leads to a fundamental disagreement between Peggy and Stark when she discovers the orb doesn’t contain a weapon at all. Instead it contains blood samples of Captain America. Peggy understands Stark hoped to duplicate Rogers’s super strength and berates him for his greed. Peggy’s relationship with Jarvis has also taken a turn for worse as a result. The episode ends with the hired killer replacing one of Peggy’s fellow boarders as a dead body when she kills him.

Agent Carter Review. Shea Whigham as Roger Dooley


So far Agent Carter is an intriguing show, but it has not captured my imagination. The shows creative staff have been careful not to portray Peggy Carter as a female Rambo circa late 1940’s. Neither is the agency she works for, the SSR, full of idiots. Even though they are blatantly sexist. It is difficult to pin down why Agent Carter  has been unable to get me really excited. Perhaps the lack of a clear antagonist is the problem, or the fact that the series takes place in an alternate past that is just too distinct to relate to. The show has the possibility of a lot of depth as is evidenced by characters such as Jarvis, Agent Sousa and Agent Thompson.

Agent Carter Review. Mr. Mink

Agent Carter seems to be working towards the revelation that Peggy truly is a super agent, but one who needs recognition. I don’t think I can watch more than one season of her being both Superman and Clark Kent. ‘The Blitzkrieg Button’ didn’t shy away from violence and further intrigue. It was an episode that gave me more than just a passing sensation that it compares to L.A. Confidential. Which I consider high praise for a show that was only intended as a sideshow to Agents of SHIELD. This was Agent Carter Review – S1Ep4 The Blitzkrieg Button . I hope you enjoyed it.

Score; 7.8 / 10. A good episode of Agent Carter that proves this show is very different from Agents of SHIELD in tone.

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