July 21, 2024


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9 New Total Recall Pictures!

The Total Recall Remake starring Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel is set for an Friday the 3rd release and as such we are privy to a few more pictures from the movie.

This remake so far has not really managed to get my buzz going and that is due to several reasons. The first reason being that the Paul Verhoeven 1990 original is absolutely brilliant and has in my opinion aged well. The movie just about provokes every hollywood blockbuster released. The nudity and the gore aren’t even the best thing. The special effects of Mars and the mind-bending plot twists concerning the main protagonists’ sense of reality have made this a classic. I can go on about the original Total Recall for quite a bit but what I do know is that the remake won’t have any nudity, it will have little gore and the plot is in my opinion a rehash of the original (and not the book) without the Mars setting. There are people who think I, Robot starring Will smith is a brilliant movie. If you’re one them, then you will probably like this movie. If you think Blade Runner and Minority Report are brilliant and I, Robot to just be mediocre then I think you will find this movie a let down. Some movie sites such as slashfilm and collider have kept up an optimistic buzz surrounding this movie so I will of course reserve my judgement until I have seen the new Total Recall.

In my experience, unnecessary remakes are rarely any good.

PS, all three boobs of the three-breasted woman in this movie are fake (unlike the original), but that hardly matters as we won’t even see the fake ones.