June 18, 2024


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The end for SciFiEmpire.net - So long and farewell!

The end for SciFiEmpire.net – So long and farewell!

The end for SciFiEmpire.net - So long and farewell!

The end for SciFiEmpire.net – So long and farewell!

Readers of SciFiEmpire.net may have noticed I have been absent from posting for a few weeks. I had a lot of work to do and there are some big changes coming in my life. After some hesitation I decided the best decision was to stop posting on SciFiEmpire.net. Effectively that means the end of this blog. If anyone wants to continue the torch feel free to contact me.

The decision to stop was not easy. Especially today. I was planning to post a review on the last Person Of Interest episode of the series but I decided against it. POI especially has been a wonderful companion over these last 5 years since I started this blog. It was one of the first TV-series I covered and I have seen it grow into something bigger than I thought possible. Yet, all good things end, so has POI and so will SciFiEmpire.net.

Despite this being the end I think the state of Science Fiction could not be better. With the Star Wars reboot and upcoming movies such as Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2 fans of the big screen have a lot to look forward to. Meanwhile the TV and streaming series have really picked up with shows such as Killjoys, Dark Matter and The Expanse. There are also a lot more shows to come including a new Star Trek series. It pains me I won’t share my opinion on any of these potentially great franchises, but my tank is empty and I will be looking towards new pastures, perhaps greener.

For me it won’t be the end of my involvement with Science Fiction. I continue to write novels. So far I have published one, and the second is near print. Meanwhile I have some wonderful ideas for more. One reason I decided to quit was to place more focus on my writing career, and ensure my personal legacy.

So long and farewell.


PS, maybe a review of Deus Ex Mankind Divided may still be in the pipeline!