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Star Wars Tarkin by James Luceno

Disney announces new ‘Canon’ Star Wars literature

This morning the Walt Disney Company announced that the Star Wars literature and comic-books know as the Expanded Universe is not canon. Fans have been dreading the announcement ever since the first rumors started about Episode 7 some 10 years ago. Now it would seem that all those novels and comics are ready for the trashcan as Disney announces it will release 4 new ‘Canon’ novels as a tie-in for next years new Star Wars movie. I myself won’t mourn the Expanded Universe much, ever since the Yuuzhan Vong invasion it has been little more than junk. The amount of derivative work was just...

Carrie Fisher metal bikini with Warwick Davis

Star Wars Episode 7 Preview & Casting News!

Reporting the news around Star Wars  Episode 7 is a hard thing to do as frankly we know very little that is official. The news that is reported is often so little and based on rumors that it is either unworthy to report or you can wait a week for it to be confirmed or debunked. However, one story that keeps being reported is that the script for Episode 7 is still unfinished even though production for the movie was started months ago. Officially filming is rumored to start during the spring for a planned December 18th 2015 release. So if principal photography...

New slave Leia picture found (that means Carrie Fisher in a Metal Bikini)!

New slave Leia picture found (that means Carrie Fisher in a Metal Bikini)!

So, what now? You just might be thinking. Has George Lucas changed his mind on whether Greedo shoots first or was it definitely Han Solo. Or has it been confirmed that one of the spin-off Star Wars movies is going to be a mash-up with other J.J. Abrams franchises such as Mission Impossible and Star Trek. No. Someone uncovered a new image of Carrie Fisher as slave Leia wearing the infamous metal bikini she wore in Star Wars Return of the Jedi. The image uncovered was taken circa 1983 on a beach in California. The idea of slave Leia has both its supporters and detractors. Personally...