May 24, 2024

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Mentats Of Dune Free Giveaway!

Person of Interest - 'Most likely to' - Shaw and Reese see a number go BOOM!
Shaw and Reese see a number go BOOM!

The last two days have ben kind of hell for me as sadly my laptop decided that it was time to keel over. My old laptop is dead, long live my new laptop. Anyway, as such I had no way to write reviews of either Person of Interest, Agents of SHIELD and Revolution. So I will give a short recap to convince you to watch those episodes regardless.

Person of Interest; Vigilance finally manage to get ahead of the curve by eluding The Machine, they manage to get their hands on documents proofing the existence of The Machine and the CIA program to kill all terrorists that are found. However, Control is forced to stop the program for fear of further revelations. Now it is up to Root and the gang to stop them. Ooh , Mr. Reese and Shaw have to deal with their first number they couldn’t save. Lets just say she goes out with a bang. The ‘Most Likely To…’ is in my opinion a definite must see. PoI will back on April 15th with the episode ‘Death Benefit’.

Agents of SHIELD - End of the Beginning - Ming-Na Wen as Melinda May and Clark Gregg as Coulson
Ming-Na Wen as Melinda May and Clark Gregg as Coulson

Agents of SHIELD; this show is finally starting to get its act together. It has been slowly improving over time but once in a while it can still be campy. However, this weeks episode ‘End of the Beginning’ ties in with the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie that deals with the destruction of SHIELD as an organization after it has been taken over by Hydra. The episode of agents of SHIELD is surprisingly effective as sort of prequel. Next week the show will be back and the last 7 episodes will be aired uninterrupted and deal with the aftermath of what happened in the movie.

Revolution - Austin City Limits - No way that is Tom from Lost getting spanked!
No way that is Tom from Lost getting spanked!

Revolution; our gang finally manages to get to Austin to try and save President Carver. Jason leaves his father Neville on his quest stating that he thinks his mother is dead. Jason joins the gang and helps them torture a patriot. This leads them to General Blanchard of the Texas government who is in lets say a comprising position. Monroe and Miles convince him of the threat but he is killed by one of his girls who turns out be a patriot. Miles and Monroe manage to stop the assassination of Carver but Charlie is forced to kill Jason when a patriot calls out his brainwashing numbers. The episode mixed both humor and drama very effectively and should be considered one of the best episodes of the show thus far. Revolution will be back on April 23st.

Revolution - Austin City Limits - J.D. Pardo as Jason Neville dies with Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos)
J.D. Pardo as Jason Neville dies with Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos)

Mentats Of Dune Free Giveaway!

Well, now that I have recapped all that you have missed it is time for the real reason I am writing this post. There are only three days left in the Mentats of Dune Giveaway contest. I am giving away a free copy of the novel that I have reviewed to a random person who has come up with a title for the third novel of the ‘Schools of Dune’ trilogy. Mentats if Dune is the second novel just in case your arithmetic is awful. So far only one person has actually taken part in the contest. In my opinion it can’t be easier to win a 20 euro book. As I said, anyone can apply just write your proposed title in the comment section of the review. You can find the review by clicking on the link (Mentats of Dune Review). Now I know for a fact that some 65 viewers have read the review and that they spent on average just below 8 minutes reading it, but it takes only 10 second to come up with a title. If there haven’t been any new response I will extend the contest by one week.