Defiance Season 2 Preview

Defiance Season 2 Preview

Defiance Season 2 Preview

On June 22nd (or 19th) Defiance will be back for its second season. Last year Syfy touted the show as a new direction, a first taste of many new science fiction shows to come. However, Defiance only partially lived up to expectations. The pilot episode was a dud and so a were a few others but towards the end the show found more solid footing with its organized crime theme. Defiance tries to strongly focus on the characters which at times comes at the expense of the science fiction. The influence of Farscape is all too often felt and no wonder as the shows creator is none other than Rockne S. O’Bannon. I am happy Syfy gave Defiance a second chance, it is a lot more deserving of such a chance than lets say Revolution. Season 1 ended on a major cliffhanger, mayor Amanda Rosewater’s (Julie Benz) sister had been murdered by Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray). The Tarr family was about to be executed for killing the senior Earth Republic officer and the town of Defiance had indeed been taken over by the Earth Republic.

I seem to recall mentioning in my review that I was worried that the show would burn itself out far too soon with so many drastic plot developments. It seems to be a curse these days with TV. Every science fiction show wants to be as famous as Lost or Battlestar Galactica in their best years but none want to risk losing an audience during its first season because it doesn’t have any action. So died V, The Event and a number of other shows.

Anyway, below you can find a very spoilery trailer to all the major cliffhanger. I am honestly not sure you even would want to view the trailer…

In a cool twist Linda Hamilton will also be joining the cast as Rafe McCawley estranged wife Pilar. Defiance certainly seems hell-bent on continuing its quick paced storyline.


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