Agents of SHIELD season 2 sneak peek trailer

Agents of SHIELD season 2 sneak peek trailer

Agents of SHIELD season 2 sneak peek trailer

Next Tuesday Agents of SHIELD will be back for its second season. For those who can’t wait until then Marvel has released a short sneak peek. This two and half minute clip shows the new situation in a post-SHIELD world. It also gives us our first glimpse of Lucy Lawless as SHIELD agent Isabelle “Izzy” Hartley. As an agent she has been ordered by Coulson to prevent ex-agents from selling secrets to HYDRA or other parties. However, there appears to still be need to work on the finishing as coordinating with agent May goes awry. The short clips are courtesy of

There is also a second clip lasting one and a half minute featuring agents Triplett and Skye discussing the secrets HYDRA agent John Garrett was working on. Coulson joins them and informs Skye about the bulletproof assassin that stopped agent  Hartley’s mission from succeeding. Coulson seems to hint that maybe ex-agent Ward knows more about what Garret was searching for and sends her to question him. However, the latter is conjecture because it doesn’t explain why she would be excited.

Below I have also included a better picture of Lucy Lawless as agent Hartley…

Lucy Lawless as agent  Hartley - Agents of SHIELD season 2 sneak peek trailer

For now these two little clips are all that is available before the new season will air next Tuesday the 23rd. Which I may add is also the same day the new season of Person of Interest starts. I had a problem juggling between writing reviews for shows last week. So if anyone is interested in writing reviews and articles for you can contact me through the following page (contact page). Previously I mentioned you can register to become a contributor but I stopped that because of the spam bots. For now let me conclude by saying that I hope Marvel will have a fantastic second season with Agents of SHIELD. The show certainly has the potential. Agents of SHIELD stars Ming-Na Wen, Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet. This was agents of shield season 2 sneak peek


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