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  • is pleased to accept sci-fi novels, digital media and other promotional material for review.


If you are an independent filmmaker or producer and would like us to review your sci-fi movie, please contact us with the title and a brief description of the movie. If you have links to images, trailer, or an official site for the movie, that’s even better.


If you are a Public Relations firm or a Distributor who would like us to help promote your upcoming titles, we are open to discussing partnerships. If we feel like your titles are something our readers might be interested in, we can come to an acceptable protocol for DVD screeners, giveaways, contests, etc. As well, if you have assets that you are trying to help your clients promote, we can also assist you with news coverage.

WRITE FOR US is a website dedicated to bringing the latest news items on science fiction. The author of this website is a writer and likes to share his in-depth opinion on the latest movies, TV-series, books and computer games in the hopes you are both entertained and gain new insights. If you wish to become a contributor for please feel free to ‘register’, at this moment I am looking for enthusiastic authors for our gadget and technology sections. After I have approved the articles that have been written I will upgrade your status to ‘author’. This will allow you to publish on your own.

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