May 24, 2024

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Chris Carter watching a scene between Mulder and Scully

Preview of Chris Carter’s X-Files miniseries revival

Chris Carter watching a scene between Mulder and Scully

X-Files miniseries revival

Just like the shortened season of 24 last year it took almost no time for The X-Files to get a new series as well. Chris Carter is back at the helm of a shortened six episode season which is filming right now. If that wasn’t enough I have for a weeks been enjoying the original X-Files in glorious 1080p thanks to Netflix. I will do a retro review of the first two season some other time. Right now I want to write about the miniseries that is currently filming. Both X-Files leads David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have returned to reprise their roles of Mulder and Scully. Mitch Pileggi is also back, as Skinner. The last time we saw him was in the 2008 movie X-Files I Want To Believe still as an Assistant Director. Meanwhile William B. Davis will also reprise his role as Smoking Man. Davis had already hinted his return when he reported he was asked if he would be available for filming this summer. As Continuum will end after a short fourth season there is no fifth season to get in the way. With Pileggi and Davis onboard most fans are already happy that the principal cast is once again complete. Robert Patrick won’t join as agent Doggett but few fans will mourn the loss of a character of one of the latter seasons.

X-Files miniseries revival script page X-Files miniseries revival

One thing the revival series will have to address is the passage of time. It felt like a lengthy six years between the conclusion of the series and the second movie. It will be more than 7 between the second movie and the miniseries. People change, situations change. Can Chris Carter revive this series and keep fans interested? So far two additional actors were confirmed to get roles in the series. Joel McHale will play Tad O’Malley, an Internet news anchor who is an ally of Mulder’s. Meanwhile Annet Mahendru will play Sveta, a victim of alien abduction. At least the latter role gives and indication of one storyline.

Mulder and Scully - X-Files miniseries revival

Meanwhile filming the short series is in full swing in Vancouver. Principal filming started on June 8th and is expected to last until late august. I am pleased to see Vancouver return as the setting, as LA was in my opinion the beginning of the rot in the original series. But Vancouver in summers does not have the same dreary atmosphere that was so familiar from the first five seasons. The dark and rainy setting added immeasurably to the sensation of horror. So far little is known about what the revival miniseries will be about. Fans have speculated that such a short season can only involve ‘monster of the week’ storylines. I disagree. I think it will be a mesh of independent storylines held together by continuation of the conspiracy mythology. One confirmed rumor is that an episode will feature the interbreeding rural family from the season 4 episode ‘Home’.

Chris Carter on set with Duchovny and Anderson

Meanwhile there has been controversy regarding Gillian Anderson’s hair. She admitted she has to wear a wig for her role as Scully because her hair has been falling out a lot recently. She blames the hair loss on the frequent dyeing that is required of her for her many roles. In any event the X-Files miniseries revival is scheduled to air on January 24th 2016. The second episode will air a day after on the 25th. From then on a new episode will air every week. The first episode is entitled ‘My struggle’ and is written and directed by Chris Carter himself. This was Preview of Chris Carter’s X-Files miniseries revival. I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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