July 21, 2024


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Happy Christmas

Wishing you a happy Christmas, from SciFiEmpire.net

Christmas is here and so the year is also nearly over. As the author of SciFiEmpire.net I have been wishing readers a happy Christmas for a few years now. The days before the holidays always make me think back to what has been going on in my life. When I wrote a similar Christmas post in 2015 I had just started a new job and I has just seen The Force Awakens at the cinema.

Deep Learning job – finally!

This year feels somewhat similar. I am beginning a new job at a startup in January specializing in Deep Learning. And so I have finally managed to ditch my old job which was paying well but frustrated me beyond belief. So professionally I had a good year and I hope I will have an even better one in 2019.

My writing career – or lack thereof

Yet I can’t say I reflect back on everything equally well. My writing career feels like it has been on hold and I don’t always know what I should write about for SciFiEmpire.net. Since October I have been trying to plan my writing weeks ahead, but with mixed results.


For 2019 I will try and keep to a schedule. As for writing career, the second edition of my book “Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners” is set for release on December 31st on Amazon kindle. Next year I hope to finish a space opera that I have been slowly making progress on. I am also writing a small booklet on how to hack with the AdaFruit Trinket. Its a small board that can fool a computer into thinking it is a keyboard. Any command the Trinket sends will be executed by the computer. See it as furthering my interest in hacking.

Staying busy during the holidays

And so I have a few things to think about during the Christmas holiday. Meanwhile I am playing video games, checking my book for typos and preparing for my new job – while also going on the odd Tinder date. If you are not certain what to do, read on below!

Firewatch on Nintendo Switch

If you are not certain what to do during Christmas, if you get bored with turkey dinners, then I have a few tips. I just posted a review of the adventure game Firewatch on Nintendo Switch. It gets my thumbs up, but it is only a small game – easily beaten in just a few hours. That said, the story is very intriguing, definitely a game you can play over the holiday season without blowing away hours you could spend with friends.

Counterpart worth checking out

Then there is Counterpart, the Sci-Fi thriller from Starz starring J.K. Simmons. I saw the third episode of season two yesterday and I thought shit got real. The episode saw the return of Sara Serraiocco as assassin Baldwin. The chemistry between her and Simmons are the best thing on the show.

Whats at the cinema

Then there is the cinema. With Mortal Engines, Aquaman and Bumblebee to choose from among the best. I was perhaps not too impressed by Aquaman – it was a little bit too predictable, like Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2. Yet both Mortal Engines and Bumblebee surprised me. The latter is a Transformers spin-off starring Hailee Steinfeld. The small scale setting, stellar cast and excellent 80s vibe has made it a personal favorite. Who would have thought from a Transformers movie. Michael Bay, shame on you!