April 22, 2024


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Watch Dogs cover art revealed + confirmed for Nintendo Wii U!

Watch Dogs banner - everythong is connected

Here is a small summary of the news that has been released about Ubisoft’s upcoming game Watch Dogs. The game’s genre is difficult to define but its gameplay seems to be a blend of Grand Theft Auto, Mirror’s Edge and Deus Ex Human Revolution. Which is why it has already won a several awards at games conventions. Despite Ubisoft holding an exclusive preview for the PS4 launch event the game is scheduled to be released on ALL game platforms including Nintendo Wii U later this year.

New Watch Dogs gameplay movie released…

Two nights ago Sony unveiled its new PlayStation 4 platform. While it didn’t show the console itself it did release the specs. Sony move is intended to highlight the platforms functionality and I think that has been a wise move. PS4 is scheduled for a November release with a price tag between 400 and 500 dollars depending on what version you buy. It will allow gamers to test-run games and even play games while they being downloaded. Apart from an updated controller supporting a small touch-screen the PS4 is quite familiar to the PS3 users. Ubisoft also unveiled a new gameplay movie of their cyberpunk hacking game Watch Dogs (officially Watch_Dogs) and have confirmed it will be released in the 4th quarter on ALL platforms. I think we can narrow down the release to November.

Watch dogs will also be released on Wii U….

Watch Dogs has also been confirmed for the Nintendo Wii U. A move that will reassure many Nintendo fans as the drought of third-party games intended for hard-core gamers has been very severe indeed. The Nintendo Wii U launched last November and though sales have been good they have not been excellent either. The console suffers from a lack of ‘killer app’ games to woo new-comers. Nintendo may be hedging its bets poorly by relying on outside developers to plug gaps in its games line-up. If I were Nintendo I would buy some eastern European game developers and start turning out shooters and racing games as quickly as possible. This could proof that the platform is also viable for those genres. Nintendo may have launched its console too soon, it seems that third-party developers are waiting for the Xbox-720 and PlayStation 4 to be launched so they can release their games on all platforms at once. The Nintendo Wii U is comparatively the weaker brother with regards to graphical power compared to the competition and that might hurt them in the long run.

Watch Dogs (Ubisoft) cover art for PS3, PS4 Xbox-720, Nintendo Wii U and Windows PC
Watch Dogs (Ubisoft) cover art

***UPDATE*** Below are the individual box art cover for Xb0x-360, PS3, Windows PC and Wii U. Alas no PS4, yet…

Watch Dogs (Ubisoft) cover art Xbox-360, PS3, PC and Wii U
Watch Dogs (Ubisoft) cover art Xbox-360, PS3, PC and Wii U

PS; Watch Dogs isn’t to be confused with Don’t Nod Entertainment’s ‘Remember Me’. If you can’t wait for Watch Dogs then get Remember Me this May!

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