June 13, 2024


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Darth Vader issue #7 cover

Vader takes on Ochi in the fantastic Darth Vader issue #7

The Darth Vader 2020 comic series has seen seven issues. Set after the events of The Empire Strikes Back the series is written by Greg Pak with art by Raffaele Lenco. So far it shines by revealing events in a way that deepens the character of Darth Vader. After Vader uncovers the plot to keep his son hidden from him at the time he fell to the darkside it is time for a reckoning. The same idea also came to the Naboo conspirator known as Amidalas. Lead by Sabe they intended to kill Vader, but for now have failed. All of these events seem contrary to established lore even if they are highly entertaining. After Vader is brought before emperor does a second reckoning begin. Sidious senses Vader’s drift to the light and decides to test his apprentice. Either he will accept the dark, or he will die.

Darth Vader issue #7 corpse of Nute Gunray

Star Wars: Darth Vader issue #7 INTO THE FIRE: THE ASSASSIN

And so, it is in issue 7, INTO THE FIRE: THE ASSASSIN, that Vader is stranded on Mustafar. Mechanically broken except for his life support Vader is not allowed to use the force to save himself. Nonetheless, Vader crawls to the facility in which he killed Nute Gunray and the other leaders of the Separatist movement so many years before. Through flashbacks we see how Vader was seduced to the darkside and the many dark deeds he has performed. Once at the facility Vader uses droid parts to fix his limbs. Just in time, as he is stalked by none other than Ochi of Bestoon – the Sith assassin briefly seen in the Rise of Skywalker. Despite Ochi’s taunts and the restriction on using the force Vader comes out on top in their duel. The fight amongst the lava fields of Mustafar is reminiscent of The Revenge of the Sith.

Darth Vader issue #7 Vader attacks Ochi

So far, it seems Vader is passing Sidious’s test with success. Yet two things happen at the duel. Ochi mentions the power that Sidious has and Vader doesn’t. It is a reference to Sidious’s ability to drain the force from others as well as his innate ability to understand the subtleties of the darkside. Vader instead mistakes the reference by Ochi to an actual source of power. Which may be partly true and may accidently put Vader on track to uncover the Second Death Star. While their banter is going Vader is contacted through the force by a creature living on Mustafar. Ochi senses it but attempts to block Vader’s access by causing a cave in. Vader manages to pull himself from the rubble for some alone time with the mysterious force-sensitive create. Whether or not this creature factors into Sidious’s plan is unknown but it cannot be ruled out.

Darth Vader issue #7 talking about power

Beyond this issue

And so, ends issue 7. Vader has managed to display more strength then he did in the previous two issues. But the question remains if that will satisfy Sidious. Luke can act as Vader’s replacement if necessary so Sidious is hardly dependent on his old apprentice. Yet, there has been an odd attachment between them. Besides, Sidious always desires to be ready and for that he needs a Vader who is strong and willing to supplant his own master. But Vader is not there yet. Whatever his trials on Mustafar will be Vader is still hurt by his betrayal by Sidious. Only this mysterious creature can potentially give him the insight to become strong. I am not certain for how many issues this series will last. I guess 12 but I am intrigued enough to continue reading and learn how Vader became Anakin once more in Return of the Jedi.

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